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[Black Desert Online] is a classic fantasy MMORPG based on the Korean game, Black Desert. As the third generation of Black Desert Online, we are bringing a renewed take on the classic MMO genre of the genre and aim to bring you a thrilling and unique online experience unlike any other.

Developed by Pearl Abyss, the creators of the award-winning Black Desert game, the game has been a worldwide sensation since its release in South Korea in August 2016, receiving numerous awards for its advanced visual effects and unique class system. Thanks to the popularity of the game, Black Desert Online has had a large international community since its release, with players in more than 130 countries around the world.

Black Desert Online is currently available in the US, Europe, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam. Its global footprint includes more than 10 languages and 120 regions.

1. Introduction

Black Desert Online is a masterpiece of the modern fantasy genre, successfully bridging the gap between RPGs and MMOs with its novel combat system.

The new and improved Black Desert Online continues to challenge the groupthink found in current fantasy MMORPGs. The game features a unique class system that allows you to specialize your character and develop multiple skills to become a player-defined and powerful superhero.

Its unique combination of hand-drawn art and PC graphics allows you to enjoy a complete fantasy environment with high-quality character models and texturing.

* Let’s take a look at some of the things you can enjoy about Black Desert Online.
* The complete fantasy world
• 13,000 fields
• A total of 12,000 buildings
• 65 dungeons
• 7 fantasy continents
• 130 countries
• 120 cities
• 150 towns
• 8,000 inhabitants
• 40 hours of gameplay
• 63 races
• 29 classes
• 25 professions

2. Character Customization

• High-Quality Character Models
Each character has a unique and hand-drawn appearance that reflects the fluidity of Black Desert Online. The in-depth 3D graphics of the characters are vivid and realistic.
• Advanced Face Generation
The innovative facial animation that gives each character their own unique personality allows you to re-enact the story while creating your own fantasy as you advance your character.
• Realistic Voice Channels
With well-designed voice synthesis, you are able to portray every emotion realistically.

* Click the image below to see a comparison image that shows the detailed graphics of Black Desert Online.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • About: A new property related to role-playing games.
    Try your hand at getting keys to unlock new game content.
  • Featured Key: A featured level that makes it easy for new players to enjoy the game.
  • Earning Key: Earn keys by performing a variety of tasks, such as clearing dungeons.
  • Mastery Key: Unlock and play through content that will help with refining your skills.
  • Mission Key: Earn a mission by reaching a certain level or accumulating progress.
  • History Key: Play through an original story featuring Lalafell, the lord of the land between.
  • •     Under Construction       


    • Bug Fixes
    • Added Japanese to "Settings"
    • Minor UI adjustments


    • Elden Ring will be released in Japan as DLC on the 24th in the PlayStation Store. However, we are aware of the inconvenience of not launching globally for this release. Looking forward to your feedback to improve the game in different languages!


    • A clip showing the extravagant visuals of Elden Ring is now available in the Explora Market (iOS)
    • «The first chapter» of Elden Ring is available as a free update for those who purchased The Tarnished Kings. This chapter, The Land Between Home, introduces the world of Elden Ring, a land where the powerful border between worlds is beginning to fade away.

    Pre-order benchmark tests will be applied to Units who have not used the game yet. For those pre-orders: