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Penelopemenchacaenrevistahextremo111 ✊ DOWNLOAD: ===> 0b01ecef03.pdf
So, «the main task of de-Stalinization is the establishment of complete and unconditional democracy in the country.» Very informative definition! But let’s pay attention: «the establishment of democracy» — do we have a «direct road» to a new dictatorship?
Today it is clearly seen that the anti-Soviet, anti-communist hysteria continues in modern Russian society. However, all attempts to find the origins of this phenomenon are clearly «careless», confused, and most importantly — aimed at destroying the national historical memory.
Yet, what do true communists say about this? And they say the following: «The assertion that the Soviet Union was a totalitarian state does not stand up to scrutiny.»
And to this point cited, the “Rights” answer: “I object! The fact of the execution of Polish officers, who were shot without trial or investigation without bringing charges, does not fall under the concept of a prison or a camp at all.
The year 2012 is coming to an end. Comrade communists, it’s time to help «orphans». Children of victims of repression. It is our duty to them.



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