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Июль 7, 2022
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Solved : Unable to connect to any SMB shares; Shares are active but permissions are denied. Description : When connecting to SMB shares I get a error message which reads.
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Download external programs that do not appear on Windows 7 list. As usual, here I am again with some great cool software which, I am sure, we all.
Download external programs that do not appear on Windows 7 list. As usual, here I am again with some great cool software which, I am sure, we all.
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You get this error because of the MediaTimeOut value in your WM/WS dll.
It’s mostly because you are missing this parameter in your program.
(For example on PcDrive).
So, change
MediaTimeOut := 60000; // time out of the media file before it’s skiped

MediaTimeOut := 60000 * MediaShare;

You don’t want to skip the audio file because it will try to continue playing it, but you want that your application waits this long before to skip that specific file (more than you want the audio to be played).
You can also raise this value to 100000(60000 timeouts).
And a way to force it is to set the StopAtSyncTime to False.
I believe that the code should be something like this:
IncludeSynchronization := True;
StopAtSyncTime := False;
MediaShare := 60000;

Nicholson’s rent party: A landlord kicks a tenant out of her apartment after she’s had to pay all her rent during the coronavirus pandemic — and the owner doesn’t want the $7,000 she’s owed.

The Hollywood Reporter originally reported on the story, saying that the woman lives in a four-bedroom apartment in Highland Park, California.

She’d been renting the place for the past six years, but her landlord kicked her out last week because she couldn’t pay her rent for March and April, according to the report. She still has to pay the rent from May and through the rest of 2020, but «her landlord has refused to refund or discount the rent to cover the lost period,» the publication said.

The report said that a tenant named Kelly told the landlord, «No, you get out. You got your money. If it was going to work out, I’d be on a different lease now.»

The landlord retaliated by announcing that she was going to evict the tenant, even though Kelly had paid the rent for the month of April. The landlord made her announcement on Instagram, according to the report, and posted a photo of Kelly’s lease with a black marker on it, noting that the tenant owed $7,000 of rent.

The landlord claimed that she was only trying to hold on to the apartment and hoped the city would buy it, but said that she received offers of $5,000 and $6,500 for the

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Vinyl Review, Pitchfork, NY Times and more

I bring up the idea of vinyl because I see a lot of discussion and arguments on this topic, and I am starting to wonder if the answer is simply “it’s not in the middle-class anymore.”

Brad Chris Cobb’s New Role

If you look at many of the articles on the internet, it is impossible to get any real sense of the depth of the problems facing the music industry in the digital age – because so much information comes from industry people talking about business and strategy that is almost impossible to verify.

Showtime had been cutting the number of episodes it was ordering for its 11 p.m. slot, but series stars Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner decided to send a letter to viewers addressing rumors that they were on their way out.

I’ve listened to “Sail on This River” almost every morning for the past three years, and it still makes me cry.

Does it ever get easier? Or do you even know what “easier” is anymore?

No doubt that recorders have been developed after much research and development and these are getting more and more convenient and at this point we only think about why we should go out to the store for music and buy a record player and a music box.

That is just so-called modern life. The best method of music reproduction is the vinyl record — “vinyl” means “sound” — played using a glass turntable.

You know, I haven’t got time for that – did I say that out loud?

The loss of live radio is a problem — another reason why the combination of Pandora and Sirius XM is a perfect match.

I think that the iTunes store, is too much like Walmart. And maybe that’s good, but I don’t know. It has changed my life in too many other ways for that to be good.

The Sweetwater 420s were made in the late 80s and early 90s. To my mind, the classic woody/West Coast sound, with its sweeping choruses and catchy bass lines.

As a musician, I have been trying to figure out how to make my voice heard on the Internet. I don’t really know how to do it.

I think that we

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