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These instant farmers just came out of the farm but it doesn’t get any easier. Welcome to an amazing logic puzzle / adventure game!
Welcome to the farm! Instant Farmer — The Game is a 5-star logic puzzle, IQ test and adventure game. The goal of the game is to help Farmer Charlie, a farmer from the Far East, get his dream in life — to become an instant farmer.
In the game you can choose from 4 levels of instant farmers. Each farmer has its own unique skills and abilities which help him in his farm-related tasks. Farmer Lola has a talent to boost her own IQ and Farmer Jack has a special skill that enables him to instantly change reality — just like a magician!
Instant Farmer — The Game will test your brain in many ways and will drive you to solve many puzzles. While playing the game, we recommend to devote a spare 5-10 minutes every day to solve the puzzles and help the farmers in their occupations. If you have the time — we encourage you to finish the game!
How to Play:
In order to play Instant Farmer — The Game, you need to open the game file that you have just downloaded from the AppStore and open it.
If you have already downloaded and installed the game, you can follow the instructions below to open it:
1. Delete the old version of the game from your device using your iTunes software (if you have the application installed on your computer, use it)
2. Now we have to download the game from the AppStore and install it (you can find the link in the end of the instructions)
3. If you haven’t yet downloaded the game from the AppStore, please do it now
4. Double click the AppStore icon that appears on your screen (when you have installed the game) and go to Updates.
5. Click on the Updates tab and choose the version of the game that you have just downloaded (the version is shown on the right)
6. Select the button «Install»
7. There are no further steps in the game. Now you are ready to start playing Instant Farmer!
Help us improve the game:
Please take a moment and rate the game in the AppStore. If you like the game, please rate it and tell your friends. It is the best way to help the game to improve. We are very grateful for all your feedback.
If you have any kind of problem in the installation process, please report it to us via email


Features Key:

  • The Universe Sandbox, this is a place where you can play with super simple rules like: «I makIng a planet» or «I create a world where you can just decide whenever you want to die.»
  • Just 10 minutes walk from the beautiful Catzambe Beach with lots of restaurants to visit and near a river to take a dip and see some wildlife.
  • Special thanks to our African guides: Grant, Elroy and Wendelin.
  • First impressions

    Fully immersive gameplay! Play in 3G, 4G or the Wi-Fi environment.

    Universe Sandbox: Would you like to try you hands with some Universe Sandbox?

    Enter the rules of your universe! You can play with massive worlds where as much as this is as much as you like and create as many generated planets as your imagination allows! It’s as easy as A B C!

    Come and help me build a amazing universe.



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    The number one roleplaying game in the world is heading to Fantasy Grounds! «Pathfinder Adventure Path» is the most famous and critically acclaimed roleplaying game in the history of the genre. Written by iconic game designer and Pathfinder’s storyline lead Mike Shel, Pathfinder Adventure Path will be hosted by Fantasy Grounds version 3.3.4 or higher.
    Key Features:
    — Pathfinder Adventure Path comes with amazing new content that includes a pre-written Adventure Path scenario and fully-equipped for use with the following: Fantasy Grounds version 3.3.4 or higher.
    — New monster (and NPC) creation system that allows you to create over 50 unique monsters. These often-unique creatures are brought to life in the famous setting of Adventure Path #84!
    — Five new prestige classes created for use with this product!
    — Discover a new mythology and ancient secrets of the City of Osirion with new locations and encounters.
    — Revisit the home of the mighty dragon Stygia, the «Sky Pyramid», where Hakotep once ruled.
    — Contain and control your undead minions in this complete adventure.
    — Home to the infamous undead dragons Hshai-Rot and Anhur-Hshai-Rut.
    — This product is ready to use with your Fantasy Grounds version 3.3.4 or higher.
    — Pre-written scenario includes «The Reaper’s Path» containing everything you need to bring your players to the final confrontation with Hakotep!
    The Reapers’ Path!
    Hold on to your seats as your heroes battle Hakotep, the resurrection of ancient Osirion!
    The heroes of Pathfinder must retrieve the pieces of Hakotep’s soul before the Sky Pharaoh can spread the darkness across the City of Osirion. But the Sky Pharaoh has taken control of the undead hordes, and they are far from content with just ruling the undead—the Sky Pharaoh, Hakotep, will bring death and destruction to the mortal world as well!
    Return to the Streets of Ancient Osirion, where the gods once held sway, and find out who will rise to the occasion this time!
    Hero Stats:
    Pathfinder Level 11 or Higher:
    • 2 INT, 1 CHA, 1 WIS, 1 STR
    • 1 CON
    • 2 HD
    • 15 XP
    Pathfinder Level 10-11:
    • 1 INT, 1 CHA, 1 WIS, 1 STR
    • 1 CON
    • 1 HD
    • 10 XP


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    If you have an address that includes the word “vape,” something’s gonna happen. New Zealand’s bantamweight vaper Johnny Jackson, who recently performed on The Joe Rogan Experience, is an absolute fireball. I’m a ball of energy, I’m a storm. I’m a tidal wave of stinking out, passing out zits, followed by my right shoulder knuckle splitting. I did an interview about my anti-vaping activism in my hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand, with Sirena Panitch (who’s got a swell website, by the way) and Johnny and his brand new BANDLEO GRAVY. You need to get this record. I’ve never done an interview before, not even for a phone interview. It was difficult, but good and only got better as it went on. It was a great and exhausting day.

    Sirena: How did you get into vaping and eating hashbrowns?

    Johnny: Oh, man, I used to buy them at the 7-Eleven up the road and just put them in my mouth. One time I ate 27 of them in one sitting. It was an amazing feat and even more astounding I didn’t choke.

    Sirena: Do you still eat hashbrowns?

    Johnny: The bag of them has a little sign on the top saying how many calories they are. I have to check it for accuracy, but I’d like to say I don’t eat them.

    Sirena: You don’t eat them?

    Johnny: No. I might eat them one day. I have a case of meat sweats.

    Sirena: Why do you feel this need to consume all this junk food and instantly blow your weight up to a bulge that makes you look like a porn star? What the hell is going on?

    Johnny: I can’t give you a good answer. I just want to eat all the fucking food. I want to shove some broccoli down my throat. If someone goes “No, you can’t shove the broccoli down your throat.” You say, “Fuck off, I’m gonna shove it down my throat, I’m gonna shove


    What’s new in Galactic Tree Frog:


      Marcos Osores: The Millionaire’s Weimaraner.

      An illustrated explanation of the lifestyle & feeding characteristics of the native weimaraner, can be found here.

      James Cohen:

      Jim & His Pack & Buddy

      Martin Giertych:

      The pack mule, or native mule.

      Martin Costa & Marianna Costa:

      Paws for Change

      Teddy Cruz:

      Teddy’s Story

      Brett Coloe:

      Becoming a Pet Adoption Counselor

      New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

      Dog Freedom Alert

      Image via Global Vet.

      I feel in love with Jack, the New York city dog. For those of you reading who are not yet acquainted with Jack, he’s a 4-year-old standard poodle, adopted with his aging sister Ali along with another rescued poodle in May of 2014. Jack is snuggly, head-on-his-heels, no going anywhere, could breed any girl’s heart at that cute sweet disposition.

      Having just come out of the shelter, only having been with his family for 3 months, it’s no wonder Mr. & Mrs. Sam Hughes adopt him. As you all know, they are some of the most responsible for taking dog from a dark alley. The whole family are really just so genial and friendly but Sammy over the years also takes on the role of some of dog-dom and dog-savior.

      Although the family has a certain amount of money, we were told not to expect anything extraordinary. A few nights before, we had found out about some dog adoptions the family was doing and we were looking forward to a very different model of adoption than just getting a poodle and the chance to enjoy the whole dog experience.

      Sammy’s success is amazing and I love seeing such heartwarming videos of the sameness of love between man and dog. Not only is it sweet to see him and Mr. Hughes doing things together, but seeing them seek out these needy, scared, snuggly dogs to show them how to be their best selves. Dogs are so quickly taken for granted as just a thing. Stopping and thinking about what a really great dog they are, and how he or she has finally found a family is not very common. We need more people who could use the


      Free Download Galactic Tree Frog Activation [Win/Mac]

      Skullgirls is a 2D fighter with a twist – players are provided with an all-new customizable fighting stick and must fight with only six buttons. This means no buttons for jumping, dashing, blocking, combos, or dodging – all of this comes down to the six buttons you have. Each fighter has a unique set of skills that can be unlocked through play, and every ability can be customized to fit your fighting style.
      Key Features:
      Easy to Learn — Control your fighters with six buttons instead of twelve.
      Experienced Players Find It Easy — Enjoy one of the more intuitive fighting games on the market. The simplicity of the controls requires much less hand-eye coordination than the typical arcade fighters.
      Talented Art — Get blown away by the 2D animation and wickedly dark art direction.
      Skullgirls is Finally Available!
      Whether you’re a fighting game fan looking for a new fix, a fighting game amateur looking to get better, or a seasoned fighting game veteran looking for a more challenging experience, Skullgirls is exactly what you’re looking for.
      Use the arrow keys to move. X and C are used to block and dodge, respectively. Circle is your special move, X is your dash attack, and Square is your heavy special move.
      There are two modes of play in Skullgirls – Free Play and Story Mode. If you’re on the lookout for a little bit of practice before taking the challenge of the game’s ranked play online, you can play Free Play. If you’re looking for a challenge, you can take the Story Mode. Both modes feature randomly selected characters and opponents, and the number of matches in each match depends on the mode. The Character and Stage select screens appear once you play Free Play or have completed at least two matches in Story Mode.
      You can customize your HUD, and in-game messages. It’s easy to tweak and customize!
      Gameplay video with voiceover by Mike Zaimont
      Newly added character “Omega” by decopsycho and Zaimont
      Nearly a year late, the high scores screen is working again
      Download the map editor to edit the map
      Replay feature now works in-game
      Download the PlayHaven launcher and log in to save your progress and sync with your friends.
      Farewell, Arena!
      There are no more Arena tournaments. The Coliseum is closing shop.


      How To Crack Galactic Tree Frog:

    • First of all you have to download the Perfect Vermin game from the internet and install it.
    • Then you have to choose Open with »Steam->
    • Then you have to follow the instructions from to get into the game World
    • Finally after you finished the tutorial you can also download Perfect Vermin crack from

    Mark Scott


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