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Сентябрь 30, 2022
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Сентябрь 30, 2022
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birds of a feather is one of the dating apps i use on a daily basis. unlike okcupid, which prompts you to answer a series of questions, btf profiles are personal. there’s no list of questions to answer as the profiles are more loosely structured. profiles are at least a little bit more in depth, and besides asking things like your height and education level, users have the option to ask additional questions about their sex life, political views, and what they’re looking for on a hookup. similar to other dating apps, you can message people with btf for a quick chat, talk to the user’s friends, and invite them to events through the app.

lookingforpepper is a sexually liberated hookup app with a unique twist: it allows people to smoke weed while meeting up with a hookup. the app was one of the first offerings in the app store when it was launched in 2015. however, the app has been struggling to gain traction among hookup crowds since the scandal surrounding anthony weiner. weed-smoking has become a little taboo, especially in the wake of the 2016 presidential election. still, lookingforpepper is a hookup app that makes little bones about its hookup-first philosophy. membership in lfp is free, the app does not require a credit card, and users can smoke at the very least as much weed as they want.

one of the newest entries in the hookup app field, hightowermatch is a hookup app that offers not only friends and couples, but also celebrity hookups. the app’s introduction was met with a bit of skepticism from other hookup apps, and especially with lbtq+ users who are accustomed to anonymity. however, hightowermatch has since proven itself a viable option for getting to know people for a hookup.

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