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Notaphily is the study and collection of paper currency and banknotes, while a notaphilist is a collector of banknotes or paper money, particularly as a hobby.
Banknote Collection Manager comes as a must-have app for anyone that calls himself a notaphilist, as it lets you keep tabs on every aspect of your money collection.
A surprisingly feature-rich money collection manager
Once you first open the program, you may get the wrong impression that this is just another one of those database-type programs which are a dime a dozen on the Internet. 
While admittedly this was the first impression here as well, everything changed once the "New" button was pressed.
The purpose of this Banknote Collection Manager is to keep tabs on all the paper currency, both local and foreign, that you collect, holding data regarding everything from dimensions, material, year, value as compared to the US dollar, watermark, location, etc.
This attention to details makes this app especially useful when you have rare banknotes in your possession, as you no longer have to worry about analyzing them over and over for details and risk of deterioration.
A software utility that allows you to manage your databases efficiently
Along with written details, you may also save other data, including snapshots of the front and the back of the banknote. Once all the static data has been registered, you also have the option of writing down personal notes regarding that particular banknote, such as where you found it or how much it is currently worth at a pawn shop.
Just as you would take care of the fragile pieces of exotic paper currency, so does this software solution take care of the databases where you store all the details about your collection.
For example, you can open it whenever you want; compress, repair, backup and restore the database without the use of any other software solutions.
A good collection manager for any banknote collector
Considering how many details you can register about the currency you want to add to your collection, Banknote Collection Manager can be arguably considered a must have for any self-proclaimed notaphilist. 
The built-in security features are also a bonus, allowing this app to save up some disk space on in your digital library which would otherwise be used on a database recovery software tool.







Banknote Collection Manager Crack + Serial Number Full Torrent Download For PC

Create a database of your currency to track your spending.
Featuring a robust and customizable interface, your data will be safely stored on the cloud.
Includes high-quality icons for easy viewing.
Easily sort your data using tags, dates, or currency values.
Compare your finds to the current market values using our advanced search features.
Displays currency totals by country, by country and date, and by currency value.
A good note-taking app for any paper currency collector
Now that you have downloaded Banknote Collection Manager Full Crack, you would find it best to set aside a few of your most precious banknotes for cleaning. 
Because this tool contains enough features and a collection functionality that lets you store the details of all your currency, it is best to use this app to take notes and records of your most valuable notes. 
So, you get the app and straightaway you find yourself wondering what other features it can offer.
Well, there are plenty of them and though you can easily add notes, images and describe the information regarding the banknote, it is also possible to analyze your banknotes using a number of software tools.
Given its unique feature set, this app definitely deserves a place amongst top notepad apps.

Banknote Collection Manager Full Crack for Android features
No need to worry about fragmentation issues as this app works well on Android devices running KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat.
This app works great on mobile devices running Android 4.0 and above
All data is safely stored in the cloud and you can share your notes with other family and friends
A comprehensive document reader that lets you edit and convert PDF files in a snap
For those who are going to share their collection database with others, Banknote Collection Manager Cracked Version for Android can be considered the ultimate app solution for you. 
Add notes, images, and descriptions of your precious notes to the database and share them with other members of your family and friends.
Aside from the usual functions such as taking notes, adding images, and making annotations, you can also convert various file formats into the popular PDF format. 
You can also add encrypted notes, which can only be decrypted by that particular person who adds them to the file.
The ability to edit and convert PDF files is a feature that goes beyond ordinary notepad apps, giving you more control in manipulating your files.
For example, you can search and find a particular text within a PDF file and make it easier to edit the

Banknote Collection Manager Crack+ [Latest] 2022

— Generate PDF of all banknotes in database
— Import banknotes into the application
— A comprehensive database management system
— User interface to register notes to database
The app is preinstalled on some devices, and has been downloaded over 50 million times across platforms. This is the free version. You will need to purchase the full version to get unlimited databases.
Features include:

Import banknotes
Save paper currency images
Full support to Nikon and Canon cameras
Search for notes by polymer or paper
Case-sensitive and case-insensitive searches
Sort banknotes by size, weight, date, country of issue, etc.
Banknote size comparison
Save notes into database
Compressed database
Recover database
Read private notes
Export lists from database
Create notes from lists
Import lists from database
Export lists to database
Automatic note layout for digital printing
Find notes with graphic, text, or layout pattern
Organize notes by country/region
Search notes by name, country, dimension, denomination, motif, paper, date, country of issue, watermark, security features, etc.
Search notes by text or pattern within a single field (search within lists)
Search notes by text or pattern within multiple fields (search within lists)
Export notes by motif, shape, metric, color, denomination, currency, etc.
Exchange rate calculation
Paper currency and banknote comparison
Expandable files to view notes
Print notes with any camera type
Multiple database registration
Data export to Excel and CSV
Import image to process into notes
Choose between size and resolution.
Manage multiple databases
Restore databases from.db3 to.db2 format files
Import from database
Export to database
Export to images
View images of notes in PDF
Export notes to booklet
Export notes to archive (requires purchase of expansion pack)
Save notes to archive
Recover notes from archive
Send notes to archive
Create notes from lists
Import lists from archive
Export lists from archive
Create notes from list
Add notes from lists to database
Delete notes from database
Delete notes from archive
Show notes in list by country/region
Show notes by country/region, size, weight, image, logo, etc.
Sort notes by country/region, size, weight, image, logo, etc.
Insert notes into lists
Import notes from lists
Create notes from lists
Display notes in list
Export list to database

Banknote Collection Manager Crack + License Key

Designated as a “notaphilist”, this software solution is based on notaphily and a paper currency database. In short, Banknote Collection Manager can help you manage your collections of any kind of paper currency, whatever the source, as long as it is made of paper.
You may use this app to register dimensions, material, year, note value in relation to the US dollar, see the watermark, etc.
The front and back of the banknote can also be saved, along with notes. 
All of this information can be used to answer questions like:
What is the lowest denomination of banknote I have?
Can I make money of this specific banknote?
You may even email the images you have saved.
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
256 MB RAM
1 GHz processor


Banknote Collection Manager APK:

Click here to Download Banknote Collection Manager APK v.1.0.

Install Banknote Collection Manager APK:

Click here to Download Banknote Collection Manager APK and install on your PC.


Banknote Collection Manager is a fantastic tool for you to keep a track of your banknotes. Be it the value of it in relation to the US dollar, or the number of sheets it contains (2, 3, or 4), where you found it and more.
What this app offers is a huge collection of information regarding your banknotes, including the dimensions, material, year, and note value to the US dollar.
What makes Banknote Collection Manager special is that you have the option to attach a snapshot of the front and back of any banknote you have.
There is even the possibility of setting notes apart (green, red, and yellow) so you can easily find the ones you need, and the notes that you want to search for later.

Particularly useful for collectors of banknotes from different countries, Banknote Collection Manager lets you store dimensions and other details regarding your banknotes, and search them using keywords.
You may export the data you have saved to Excel, Word or PDF files.

Banknote Collection Manager Features:

Search banknotes by information (dimensions, material, number of sheets)

Features to attach snapshots of banknotes to each note

Export your notes to Excel, Word or PDF files

Add notes and images to the list


What’s New in the Banknote Collection Manager?

Banknote Collection Manager (or BKCM) is a handy app designed to enable you to collect banknotes and other paper money.
By using the app, you can:
— Easily store all notes in a custom database, including any information regarding year, print face, watermark, value etc.
— Keep notes at hand by displaying a snippet of text and a thumbnail on the screen, saving the screen real-estate
— Compress or repair notes and database when necessary
— Backup and restore databases and list of notes
— Restore notes, even when damaged
— Repair damaged banknotes from the note collection database
— Browse notes and test your own paper currency knowledge with multiple questionnaires
— Find notes by country, denomination and/or year
For users who frequently change their country of residence, it will be nice to export the database with notes to a spreadsheet when moving to a new country or city. 

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I love this app. I have been collecting stamps for several years now, and I would often search through pages and pages of pages searching for a particular stamp. This app has a great search feature and the ability to narrow searches down by different parameters, e.g. by country, year, theme, etc.

I usually find the need to correct my catalog, and this is very useful to do so. I have several of these apps on my iMac and iPad.

If you’re a collector of any kind of currency, this app is a must-have.

Developer Response
February 22, 2019

Thank you for the great review!

I personally appreciate the speed of your comment review as well as the content. Please also make sure to review the feedback in the review policy of our website.

For your information

System Requirements:

PAL/NTSC Region Compatibility:
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