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In multiple myeloma (MM), the central role of the lymphoid microenvironment in the disease pathogenesis is evidenced by the frequent occurrence of paraprotein in the bone marrow stroma. This study was designed to examine the interaction between MM cells and bone marrow stroma by analyzing the DNA-binding activity and expression of NF-kappa B in the MM cell line U266, primary bone marrow stromal cells (BMSC), and normal BMSC. NF-kappa B DNA-binding activity was absent in U266, RANKL-expressing U266, and normal BMSC. In contrast, normal BMSC and BMSC that did not express RANKL exhibited NF-kappa B activity. RANKL-induced NF-kappa B DNA-binding activity in normal BMSC was evident 48 hours after RANKL stimulation. These results suggest that signal transduction pathway(s) involved in RANKL-mediated NF-kappa B activation may differ between normal BMSC and MM cells.Q:

How to delete dynamically added fields in struts2?

In my struts2 application, a user can add fields by clicking a link, which in turn generates a new field. The generated form is displayed below the original form. How can I clear the fields from the forms?


Looking into the jquery plugin i am assuming the fields are added by the plugin.
That means you can just call form.clear() — here is the code:

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