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Июнь 9, 2022
Июнь 9, 2022
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Tum Mile Hindi 720p Dvdrip Torrent


Categories: drama, melodrama Language: Hindi Quality: 720p WEB-DL Size: 945 MB Director: Kunal Deshmukh Release date in Russia: 2008 Budget: $47,000,000 World premiere: 2001 Description: Indian cinema is the most vibrant cinema that makes people passionate about both B-movies and feature films. Indian cinema is more than cinema. It has an incredible impact on the entire subsequent life of a person. Indian art and culture bring happiness to people and contribute to the development of personality. Indian films touch on the most important and burning topics that excite people at all times, thanks to which they create a unique cultural and spiritual world. Along with the birth of Indian cinematography, colonial lawlessness, the entertainment industry and magnificent temples and mosques, which were mercilessly destroyed by people, are becoming a thing of the past. The film will reveal to you the mysterious India, about which you still do not know anything, will give you vivid emotions and give you great happiness.
The value of the film is that it touches on such unexplored and mysterious topics as love, family, devotion, forgiveness and compassion. The love story between the Indian architect Kutubaba and the Indian actress Sitarati Rajankhei becomes an example of unity and mutual understanding, but in the end, like in many Indian films, everything got confused and lost its meaning at the end. Extraordinary beauty, humanity, originality and a wide range of topics characterize another of our films «Everybody Loves Rita», which won millions of hearts. The second part of this magnificent trilogy is called «Magic», where the main character of the film, Kumar, tragically dies, and the Indian director Champawal Raj, telling us about India, shows her story from the very depths, as the film shows the story of love and friendship between a boy and a girl. Several friends of the main characters such as Sana, Moravati, Nishai and Kamal also take part in this film.
The movie «Still Alice» tells about the fate of a woman whose life did not work out. Having taken away her daughter’s childhood, she left her in an orphanage, and after a while she married her colleague, so her daughter returned to her foster parents, but this was no longer enough for the woman. Some time later, her daughter died in a car accident, and she herself became very ill and could no longer get out of bed



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