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Stronghold Legends 1.1 Trainer 13


April 17 2005

May 31 2005

Stronghold Legends. Maps

Latest and most complex


Version 1.0.0+:

VERSION 1.2.3:

Stronghold Legends v.1.1 +21 — Walkthrough video Tutorial. (for all new editions)

VERSION 1.2.2:

Stronghold Legends v.1.2 +9 — «Hand of God» Booster.

VERSION 1.2.1:

Stronghold Legends v.1.2 +5 — «Parkour» Booster.

VERSION 1.2.0:

Stronghold Legends v.1.1 +18 — Walkthrough video Tutorial.

VERSION 1.1.0:

Stronghold Legends v.1.1 +12 — «Rogue» Booster.
Stronghold Legends v.1.0 +30 — Walkthrough video Tutorial.
Stronghold Legends v.0.9 +30 — «Dark City» Booster.

December 23, 2004.

Stronghold Legends 0.9.

Stronghold Legends v0.9.

January 22, 2004.

Stronghold Legends v0.7.

Nov 30, 2003.

Stronghold Legends v0.6.

Stronghold Legends v0.5.

Stronghold Legends v0.4.

March 31, 2003.

Stronghold Legends v0.3.

March 28, 2003.

Stronghold Legends v0.2.

Feb 10, 2003.


Unlock EXP booster — you can use 6x EXP booster to get stronger characters.

Unlock strategy booster — unlock «auto map reset» option, when you press X.

Unlock «Rogue» option — you can invert the player «walk».

Unlock «MediKit» booster — when you use iron you can generate 25 units Iron.

Get «No Ammo» — you can get unlimited gun-ammo.

Get «No scope» — you can get unlimited scope.

Get «No sight» — you can get unlimited sight.



Lock in «Dark City»

Lock in «Parkour»

Lock in «Hand of God»

Lock in «Rogue»

Lock in «MediKit»

Lock in «Shake»

Lock in «Undo»

Lock in «Drop»




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This is the story of the day – people being idiots because they go to events held by ultra-conservative Rep. Steve King (R-IA). The protests and disruptions at all of Rep. King’s town hall meetings started yesterday, and it has been reported that they are getting pretty ugly. Rep. King has been the focus of one of the most vicious firestorms ever seen in Congress. He has been under fire for supporting white supremacy, making anti-Semitic statements, and trying to defend an individual who posted racial slurs on his own Facebook page. Rep. King tried to defend that individual, blaming Facebook instead of dealing with the issue. Most of his constituents just aren’t having it. If Rep. King can’t handle a town hall meeting, or have a meeting in his home district in Iowa, what makes anyone think that he can deal with the issues we face as a nation?

Here are the results that have come out of Rep. King’s town hall meetings.

First, a crowd member in Julesburg, IA. asked about immigration reform. Rep. King answered that he had formed an immigration task force, but the crowd was not having it.


Transcript (from CJR):

(Crowd member) Immigration reform, I want to find out from you how you feel about immigration and the current need for immigration reform.

(Rep. King) I think if we could get the amount of companies who are coming into our country set up to take care of American workers, and bring in workers from around the world to American workers.

(Crowd Member) Rep. King, I’m going to ask a question in regards to people not being ‘deportable’, and staying in our country and not having a pathway to citizenship.

(Rep. King) I’m not sure I agree with that….

(Crowd Member) Okay, I just want to talk about immigration reform. How would you feel about an immigration reform plan that would give a pathway to citizenship?

(Rep. King) I don’t know



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