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Or was it.


We can reduce it to


The entire document can be parsed with a simple regex.

Pattern details

F- — a string of capital letters in a row.

In [3]: import re

In [4]: str(re.findall(r'(F-).+’, your_text))
Out[4]: «F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F»

Here.+ is a greedy quantifier.

a rare beast, an enormous, jagged, carnivorous fish with protruding fangs and dozens of razor-sharp, venomous teeth. If you’ve seen Shark Week, you have some idea of the potential of the species.

«The shark is a nocturnal predator,» says Steve Dorchak, a longtime divers and marine biologist who became fascinated with the species after a chance discovery while diving. «It has an enormous natural preference for dark waters and nighttime feeding.»

The giant shark’s natural habitat and nocturnal feeding habits make its population hard to track.

There may be as few as 300 Jaws in the Atlantic. In the Pacific, only somewhere between 80 and 400 have been seen, Dorchak says.

The Dawn Center is the only place in the country that keeps Jaws

Scientists have known that Jaws, along with the slightly smaller Great White, is an «anadromous» shark — meaning it can swim from ocean to land and back.

By the late 1970s, people started seeing one of the fish in Virginia Beach. Dorchak was one of them.

«We were swimming in the bay near the Marine Science Center off Point Harbor,» he says. «We swam right up to it as it was swimming out to the deep, open ocean. I was just mesmerized. It was so big and so white, covered in this black electrical storm.»

At around the same time, scientists began describing it in scientific papers. However, Jaws continues to live in secrecy. There may be as few as 300 in the Atlantic. In the Pacific, only somewhere between 80 and 400 have been seen.

«The shark is a nocturnal predator. It has an enormous natural preference for dark waters and nighttime

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