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Июль 15, 2022
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Июль 15, 2022
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The lands between two worlds, the Borderlands, and the main world, the Elden ring. Both are shrouded in mist, and the only person who understands the Borderlands and its people, is Cymbier, a mortal who descended from the source of the Borderlands.

Born with an extraordinary link to both worlds, and with the powers of the Elden Ring, he rose to become an immortal Vathan, and the ruler of the Borders and its people.

However, there are those who secretly long for the days of the Elden Ring.

While searching for the missing Lurk Killup, they will encounter the adventurer, but are certain they will never find him.

Will they meet the one who knows their true identities, and what will they do if they do?

■ Features
*A Vast World
Explore a vast and diverse world with a variety of settings and traps, and fight alongside allies in the Borderlands as you progress.
*Create Your Own Character
Customize your character’s appearance as well as the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip.
*An Epic Drama
A multilayered story in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Borderlands.
*Unique Online Play
Enjoy the presence of others in this multiplayer game.
■ Requirements
● PlayStation®4
● PlayStation®VR
● 30GB minimum free space
● Sony Entertainment Network Account
● A broadband internet connection
● Minimum specs:

CPU: 3.0GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i3-6402U

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX970 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX1070



Nowadays the PS4 is the best console out there on the market, it is getting more powerful every year and this game takes full advantage of that. It is amazing to see all the details that they put into this game, they really add a lot of richness to the game.

When you start the game, you will be given a look at the different zones that make up the game, all of them with a different theme, the interesting ones are: Mysteries, Battle, Politics, Myth, Legends, Borderlands.

Mysteries are the areas where you take on quests, it has the most obvious differences from the other zones, there is no character creator, your character is created automatically, and there is no story behind your character.

The Borderlands have


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • The pursuit of freedom behind the theme “Lands Between”
  • The tremendous freedom offered by customizing the appearance of your character
  • A vast world with countless dungeons, each of which is unique
  • Key Elements include the following:

    • The ultimate Elden Lord experience: A deep online role-playing game that takes place in the Lands Between. Play the game using Lua code. Establish an empire! A gateway that leads to the Land Beyond, a world made to measure your desires.
    • The freedom to craft its own unique character: The freedom to wear and equip custom equipment!
    • The Lands Between: A multilayered world full of adventure that blurs the line between fantasy and reality. A world full of unexpected developments where it’s difficult to predict what will happen next. A world of struggle where your victory will determine whether the survival of mankind rests on your shoulders.

    ‘Elden’ means elder in the Nordic German dialect.’

    Lands Between is an online MMORPG that takes place in an unknown world of water, rocky plates, and barren lands. It features a theme of ‘Lands Between’ and ‘A different land from other lands,’ a story told in fragments as a series of puzzles. The main world offers you endless gameplay with an incredible amount of items, so it is entirely possible to make progress in a short time.

    NAFUSEi Visual Art / Character Design

    Description of the Artistic Team

    The NAfusei Visual Art/Character Design Team is comprised of a group of artists specialized in all fields of art. In a scene full of possibilities, the characters each play an important role.

    Starvation in Monotonic


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    • «This is an action game where I can fight with a hero, but the hero itself is interesting to me, and I like this sense of compromise. While the main character of the game is pleasing, the new scenario is a really great addition that I like. I’m really excited to see what’s in store for future developments!» (from the March issue of Famitsu)
    • «Action-RPGs are all about an extremely satisfying feeling when you get attacked by an enemy. The fact that the graphics and story have been upgraded and presented while retaining that sense of action is really satisfying, and I’m glad that more of this game will be made. I hope that the rhythm action is something that fans of action-RPGs can enjoy.» (from the June issue of Famitsu)
    • «I really enjoyed how the game was presented, and the fact that I could play online. I would like to see how it becomes a full production and more ambitious game in future development.» (from the June issue of Famitsu)
    Source from Famitsu

    Fans from across the world began rejoicing over the announcement of an action-RPG for the PlayStation 3 that combined the visual quality of Dynasty Warriors with the fun of an RPG to create a feeling of epic adventure. Famitsu reviewed the game and has given the game an ‘A+’ rating (5 stars out of 5).

    Gameplay ()

    Gameplay is an action game where you can fight with a hero. You can make war on your own, or venture out with up to three companions.

    If you fight on your own, you can start a fight with a personal weapon from the beginning, while in battle you can perform a tactical strategy with all your allies. You can also use combos and move with the change in the situation.

    In addition to individual fights, you can make war with up to three companions.

    The player of the game can freely make war on their own, or venture out with up to three companions. While the experience points and levels of companions are different, you can make war with them side-by-side. The three companions help with the fight. Even though they are not required, you can make war with them side-by-side.

    When the three companions get into battle they will charge, attack, block, and use magic. There will be a variety of attacks.

    In battle, the system allows for the flow of the battle so you can use your


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    • Asynchronous Online Play
    • Unique Game Mechanics
    1. Customize your character
    2. The new fantasy action RPG: RPG style action!
    3. Play as a hero or as a demon!
    4. Play as multiple heroes
    5. Choose your allies freely
    6. Building your own world
    7. Explore a vast world
    8. The combat system of the fantasy action RPG
    9. A large variety of skills
    10. All of the gear up to level 2000!
    11. Send your character in search of a hero!
    12. The web browser technology
    13. The new Action RPG The Elder Scrolls Online!
    1. Asynchronous Online Play
    asynchronous online play! You can enjoy the game for free without being connected to the internet!
    asynchronous online play is available as a major feature for free!
    2. Unique Game Mechanics
    weapon growth, class & character improvement, skill tree
    weapon growth, skill tree
    unlock multiple heroes
    only the giant hero can access the full gear
    multiple heroes: Evolve into an angel or a demon as you progress
    class & character improvement
    mastermind by levelling up your main character, side characters, and other options
    levelling up your main character, side characters, and other options
    unlock each and every equipment to a maximum level
    unlock every equipment to a maximum level
    you can use up to level 2000!
    you can use up to level 2000!
    you can choose your hero and allies freely, and even play as multiple heroes
    you can choose your heroes freely, and even play as multiple heroes
    3. Play as a Hero or as a Demon!
    as a hero or demon, you decide the rules, and make your game fun!
    as a hero or demon, you decide the rules, and make your game fun!
    healing skills and skills will gradually heal you
    healing skills and skills will gradually heal you
    healing skills and skills will gradually heal you
    receive EXP and items at high levels
    receive EXP and items at high levels
    experience points and rare materials may drop from the monsters
    experience points and rare materials may drop from the monsters
    experience points and rare materials may drop from the monsters
    experience points and rare materials may drop from the monsters
    experience points and rare materials may drop from the monsters
    experience points and rare materials may drop from the monsters
    experience points and


    What’s new:



    The Fantasy Online Role Playing Game Awaits You Challenge!

    The Fantasy Online Role Playing Game Awaits You Challenge!

    The Fantasy Online Role Playing Game Awaits You Challenge!

    You are a Magi of light, a Warrior of Chaos, or a Vampire Lord — lead your character through the lands of Pern!
    Fantasy Flight Games has announced that the next chapter of the Pern® saga is coming to life in the form of a new Role Playing Game entitled “The Pern Role PlayingGame”. Nicknamed “Tarn”, the new game is the first to combine turn-based combat with an unparalleled online play experience.
    Players will be able to experience the power of Pern through the eyes of their characters, both in “Story Mode” and «Free Play» as they venture from the epic environments of the game’s largest continent, Pern, to the myriad locations they visit throughout the remaining five lands. In «Free Play» mode, players can access any city and visit worlds they please, progressing through six major cities and dozens of smaller communities, all while participating in various social events, fulfilling quests, and continuously honing their characters’ skills and statistics by means of persistent farming.
    More than just a novel written in readable electronic ink is available, “The Pern Role Playing Game” provides players with a continuous online experience, seamlessly connecting players together, all in a single manner. Tarn’s story mode is the foundation for the incredibly rich and varied online gameplay that provides a PvP-focused experience. Tarn’s PvP gameplay, akin to other known online games, is seamlessly oriented towards the Pern license. The publisher has not left the immense and rich universe of the game’s original novel intact, it has taken the opportunity to create a persistent world where one will find endless opportunities to explore uncharted locales, make friends, slay enemies and indulge in fantasy style fun.
    Tarn’s stunning graphics provide a broad scope of environments, such as the fabled M’naygen of Pern, the floating Cloud Spire of Igoe and the enigmatic Sienna Cliffs. In the game’s turn-based combat, players control their characters’ movements and attacks. While the game uses traditional elemental rules, this is only to


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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • 1.Unzip File
  • 2.Copy folder notepad and name it to whatever you want
  • 3.Move it to /usr/local/bin
  • 4.Config/Bash/pandasnopf file that is in notepad
  • 5.Add-on application to app list
  • Features:

    • New realistic graphics
    • Comfortable and simple interface / keyboard control
    • Dungeon special effects (depth, lighting, explosions)
    • High add-on potential: A variety of items can be brought in, and the game can function even if not all of them have been added
    • The location-aware Dungeon Finder function

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    System Requirements:

    Windows PC (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8)
    Intel Core 2 Duo Processor or AMD Athlon X2 Processor (or higher)
    1GB RAM (For Windows Vista)
    10GB (100MB Free) Hard Disk Space
    DirectX 9.0c compatible Video Card
    Mac OS X (10.4 or higher)
    Intel Processor
    1GB RAM
    10GB Free Space
    For Mac users
    iMovie 9 (not required)


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