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Июль 15, 2022
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Июль 15, 2022
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■ The Main Features ■


3D graphics that feature various and attractive environments and characters.


Complex battles that employ the turning-based active attack system.

Fantasy RPG

A fantasy RPG that features a diverse story and rich characters.

Action RPG

Action elements that include an emphasis on combat and adventure.

■ The Land Between the Sea and the Sky ■

■ Characters ■

XellosSterne: From Top to Bottom

Sterne: From Top to Bottom is the second studio album by English alternative rock band Sterne. It was released on 18 November 2004 by 7th Day, who had bought out all other rights including the band’s previous album Beside You in Time.

The first track on the album, «Hey Sister», served as the third single, having been released as a CD single, Vinyl-cut single, download and as a 7″ single in April 2005.

Sterne: From Top to Bottom topped the Albums Chart on its release, reaching number two in the UK Albums Chart. It also reached number three on the UK Vinyl Albums Chart. The album also reached number 32 on the Australian ARIA Albums Chart and reached number 17 on the Irish Heatseeker’s Album Chart.

The album was named as NME’s «Album of the Week» and was selected as ‘Album of the Month’ for NME»’s August 2005 issue.

Track listing


The band
Matt Johnson — vocals, guitar, keyboards, samplers
Paul Nugent — guitar, backing vocals
Paul Muggleton — bass guitar
James Murray — keyboards, samplers, harmonica, backing vocals
Richard Anthony — drums, percussion, backing vocals

Additional musicians
Mike «Moombah» Thomas — guitar, Hammond organ, piano
Myla Banga — backing vocals
Sinead Dick — backing vocals
Ian Cook — backing vocals
J. Raymond — backing vocals

Producer: Mike Thomas (tracks: 1, 5, 9, 10); Paul Muggleton (tracks: 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 11); James Murray (track: 6), Neil Sutherland (tracks: 6, 9), Mike «Moombah» Thomas (tracks: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 11)


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • An Action RPG that Carefully Crafts a Beautiful World Featuring Highly Dynamic Battles
    Lead your character through a tale of glory within the Lands Between. As a combatant of the Lands Between, fight with your class’ characteristic moves while taking care not to get hit. Chop down monsters, collect rare items, and use various Mage Orbs to cast powerful spells. You will get on an adventure, battling monsters and traveling to beautiful worlds, so get ready to battle your heart out!
  • AnRPG Based upon a World Wide Myth
    You are Beat, a natural born successor of the Ring, who is guided by your goddess’s grace and charged with protecting the 3 Goddess Offering Worlds. After the series of events that lead to the destruction of the Land of Shadows, you are given the power of the Elden Ring and condensed into 1 person, surrounded by mystic energy.
  • Kensei System — One-Trick Pony Combats: Certain classes receive double damage at the cost of additional stat allocation while wielding unique weapons.
  • Hotswap System — Equipment and Damage: All equipment has unlimited replacements and can be freely exchanged during battles.
  • Combat Information: You can inspect the status of your equipped items to check if your equipment will help in battle.
  • Gym System: You can store Magic Orbs obtained in battle and create, modify, or delete them at will.
  • Rating System: Certain situations will become wild cards for your characters. Characteristics like «Orientation» and «Vitality» bring out weak and strong points.
  • Determining Characteristics: The player makes use of character development based upon one’s strengths or weaknesses. Recommended for beginners.
  • Upgraded Weapon Class Characteristics, Magic Breakdown, Active Class: You can use your high stats on your super class with the premium class’ characteristics. Your character will become even stronger when you have greater vitality.
  • Min-Max System: Intelligent item and skill development through class characteristics, equipped items, and class skills.
  • Lv. Ascension, Armor: Perform class skills to improve your equipment’s characteristics. You can view the strengthening power and status of your equipment.
  • Class Skills & Magic Power: You can increase the number of Magic Orbs with


    Elden Ring

    Episode 3, ‘The Sublime of the Empire’, has concluded.
    Thank you for watching until the end, and feel free to watch the other episodes.

    01. Prologue
    02. The Destruction of Amaknak
    03. The Avid of the Swords
    04. The Death of the Paladin, Caress of Her Grace
    05. Battle for the Tomb
    06. The Prince of the Shadowlands
    07. The Water Dragon’s Pact
    08. Demonblood
    09. A Story of Beginning
    10. Elves Are Eating Fish
    11. The Sun’s Secret
    12. Epilogue

    Back to top

    List of Episodes:
    1. Fall of Amaknak (Episode 1)
    2. The Lonely Fortress (Episode 2)
    3. A Knightly Letter (Episode 3)
    4. Demonblood (Episode 4)
    5. A Tattered Cloak (Episode 5)
    6. The Chosen Knights (Episode 6)
    7. Prophecy of Chaos (Episode 7)
    8. Eternal Guardians (Episode 8)
    9. Wind’s Storm (Episode 9)
    10. Elf’s Charge (Episode 10)
    11. Remembering the Elden King (Episode 11)
    12. Memory of the Sea (Episode 12)
    13. A Lost Tale (Episode 13)
    14. The Bond Between (Episode 14)
    15. Elden Ring Cracked Version’s Wound (Episode 15)
    16. The Grand Palace (Episode 16)
    17. The Rose Garden (Episode 17)
    18. The Wrath of the Earth (Episode 18)
    19. Alone in the Fire (Episode 19)
    20. The Solar Aeon (Episode 20)
    21. The Curse of the Vampire (Episode 21)
    22. The Gift of the Soul (Episode 22)
    23. The Lost God (Episode 23)
    24. The Rage of Fire (Episode 24)
    25. The Twilight of the World (Episode 25)
    26. Truth of the World (Episode 26)
    27. The Shining Dawn (Episode 27)
    28. The Dead City (Episode 28)
    29. The Death of the Warrior (Episode 29)
    30. The Sublime of the Empire (Episode 30)
    31. The Sorrow of the Elves (Episode 31)
    32. Alliance of Demons (Episode 32)


    Elden Ring Crack + [Updated]

    Elden Ring: Soul of the new characters and an Elden lord is from the Tarnished Goddess’s soul
    Tarnished Goddess: The soul of the player’s character and enemy’s weapon like the souls of the possessed animals, the Tarnished Goddess’s Soul is from the heart of the Goddess. In the Tarnished Goddess’s soul, when the player’s character is born of the Tarnished Goddess’s soul, you are born with the new characters in the game.
    Tarnished Goddess: [Rise] ELDEN LORD
    Tarnished Goddess: [Aura] RENEWING
    Elden Lord: [Spirit] ELDEN POWER
    Elden Lord: [Soul] MOUNTED KNIGHT ARMOR (except for a horse)
    Elden Lord: [Attack] VAST BELT
    Elden Lord: [Defense] VAST BELT
    Elden Lord: [Spirit] GUIDING
    Elden Lord: [Attack] GUIDING
    Elden Lord: [Defense] GUIDING
    Elden Lord: [Name] DOROTHY


    Elden Lord: RISE
    Elden Lord: Show your power

    Elden Lord: [SPIRIT] ELDEN RING
    Elden Lord: [Attack] ELDEN RING
    Elden Lord: [Defense] ELDEN RING
    Elden Lord: [Spirit] ELDEN RING (The Healing method)
    Elden Lord: [Attack] ELDEN RING (The Healing method)
    Elden Lord: [Defense] ELDEN RING (The Healing method)
    Elden Lord: [Name] ELDEN RING

    Elden Lord: [Attack] LIGHT FELLOW
    Elden Lord: [Defense] LIGHT FELLOW
    Elden Lord: [Spirit] LIGHT FELLOW
    Elden Lord: [Attack] LIGHT FELLOW
    Elden Lord: [Defense] LIGHT FELLOW
    Elden Lord: [Name] LIGHT FELLOW

    Elden Lord: [Attack]


    What’s new:

    We dont do strictly medieval games anymore 🙂
    Playstation Home and Nyko/Wii U Launches??
    ….Any comments on these (or any other game) news?…
    What’s nykos new
    What is nyko’s new
    How am I going to play crossfire
    What is the inapp store
    The god of war rpg? what the hell does this mean

    What did Fata mean when he said you are «Paid» to play crossfire…really..?? hell no when am I ever going to put money on my account…..I always play crossfire when I have nothing better to do…
    I am no longer going to play crossfire u messed up this one…And what the hell is this ‘Only Verizon will be getting crossfire’??? which carrier do you think I want to play on??? :p So it will not be a play for? Im going to do the final beta and when its final go to vzw. If I would have known this I never would have played crossfire…
    I just hope that u make the phone next week so that this game can be launched before the end of the month.
    Facebook and Twitter Updates for The Empty Throne (updated on 5/13)
    The Empty Throne has just finished starting on Facebook, but they’ve had to make a couple changes due to the popular demand. The Facebook Fan Page will now have a daily interactive component where fans will be able to pose questions and interact with the cast and novel idea.
    Media Trail
    What is Torment??
    Games like Skyrim, Oblivion an more and more games are coming out with parts of their games that are related to the ‘Elder scrolls series but no one has yet to come out with a game that plays like the original game. I know you havent considered the Elder Scrolls games because of how hardcore the game is and the high price at the time that those games were made with it then being around ten to twenty times more than your average game. Unfortunately i wont be able to get the chance to play those games because I live back east and all of the rental places in this area dont even have the game for me to rent. Perhaps i have the right


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    [GAME INFORMATION] アメリカ版と世界各国/EU/Australia/Japanでの販売

    Japanese Version
    [Campaign] The American version of the DARKSLAYER cult classic came out for the first time in 32 years. It was released in 77 years ago in America, and gripped the attention of people across the world because of the fact that it was the Japanese version of the cult film! “Diana,” the protagonist, who is the hero of the film “Darkness, Wizard” appeared in. In the plot, it is against another wizard who was the protagonist of the “Darkness, Wizard”- “Edwort.” But, despite the fact that he was betrayed by a member of a cult, he continued traveling according to the 3rd person that “Edwort” gave him.
    [Game Screenshots]



    How To Crack:

  • Download and install the game.
  • Now run the “setup” file and select “Launch the Game.”
  • Once the game starts, simply run the “Crack” file to gain access to it.
  • Elden Ring is the best game ever.

    Hey guys, hows it going? you probably know me, my name is AgeyToGive and I mostly play games on my favorite website, NeoGaf lol.
    The very first game i like was The Last of us, and my fondest memory about that game was when i got attacked by the peaceful husks. I remember that day so well because it was when i finally took that ufo from the ranger, and i did it!
    My next game was the Order of the elements, it was a very philosophical game that I loved.
    My first 3DS game was Klonoa 2, I thought the french version of the game was great and Klonoa 3 would have been great.
    My first WiiWare game was Pokemon Black/White. It was great. In pokemon black and white you could only use pokemon in the move set you could give them in the house. You could also customise your pokemon and catch them out in the wild.
    My dear ol’ Luigi and Princess Peach started their journey in Mario kart 64.
    I played my first game of Street fighter IV: Champion Edition before i knew what Street fighter was. So I guess its safe to say that I am forever a fan of Street fighter.
    About six months ago I bought Super smash bros 3. There is so much to talk about about Super smash bros but what I mostly remember about Super smash bros 3 is that you could do the move where Bowser chopped the mushroom king in half.
    So many other games have been released since then, most notably Pikmin 3.
    I think when Pikmin 3 came out, I was super excited, even more than I was with the DS or Gamecube. Right after Pikmin 3 came out there was Dragon Quest IX. Ever since Dragon Quest IX came out, I have been determined to get all the dragon quests. Dragon Quest IX was one of the best games released in recent history. They gave us lovely graphics and nice voice acting. It was fantastic.
    A couple of months after Dragon Quest



    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit versions only)
    Processor: Intel Core i3-600 2.2GHz
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: DirectX 11 graphics card with 256 MB or more of dedicated video memory
    DirectX: Version 11
    Storage: 8 GB available space
    Additional Notes:
    OS: OS X 10.9.2 or later
    Processor: Intel Core


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