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If you are working as a database administrator, you probably understand that in some circumstances having the right set of tools can save you from a lot of hassle.
OracleToAccess, for instance, is one of the software solutions that can greatly simplify your work by enabling you to convert Oracle database data to Access.
Simplistic interface
This program comes with a non-sophisticated interface that features a handful of intuitive functions, making it easy even for unexperienced users to identify and operate its functions with minimum efforts.
Given that this application was designed for experienced PC users such as database administrators, you need advanced PC skills and a good understanding of database management to benefit from its capabilities entirely.
Converts Oracle database data to Access
You can turn to OracleToAccess if you need a quick and efficient way to convert Oracle database data to Access. In order to do so, you must define a source and a target that the program will connect to.
When you launch the application, you are prompted to log in an appropriate database by inputting all the necessary details in the corresponding fields. In the Oracle tab you can define the source by choosing a connection protocol, specifying a database name and providing credentials. The Access tab, which serves as the target, you need to select an Access file from your computer and type your username and password in the dedicated fields.
Additional features
In addition to converting Oracle data to Access, this program packs a few extra functions that can simplify your tasks even further. For instance, it is possible to batch convert tables, so you do not have to process each entry manually.
More so, sessions can be saved on your PC and loaded, which also lets you to generate a Command Line executable. Last, but not least, a task scheduler is available, so you can set certain processes to execute automatically at a given time.
Lightweight Oracle to Access conversion tool
To wrap it up, OracleToAccess is a lightweight, handy application that enables you to convert Oracle database data to Access without considerable efforts. It comes with a simplistic user interface, features intuitive controls and packs additional options.







OracleToAccess 210322 Free

This program can enable you to convert Oracle database data to Access without much hassle. It also packs in some extra functions that can be valuable for several PC-based users.

If you want to erase Win7, it’s easy to do it. It’s very easy to restore the files you’ve deleted but you won’t be able to access them. There are many programs to erase Win7, both free and paid. Here are the 10 best free and paid software applications to uninstall Win7 effectively:

1. AdwCleaner

The well-known AdwCleaner is the best option to uninstall Win7 effectively. AdwCleaner is an advanced tool to remove Win7 and get rid of all previously installed and unknown applications and files. It is able to manage various Windows apps, registry, cookies, etc.
The best part is that it is completely free of charge and you don’t need to be an expert user to use this powerful utility.

2. CCleaner

The CCleaner is a registry cleaner that erases system files, apps, cookies, and other unnecessary files from your PC. Using the program, you can easily clean your Windows system, clean the browser history, remove cookies, clean the Windows Registry, and delete temporary files.

3. Eraser

Eraser is another very easy and powerful tool to delete Win7. With this software, you can delete unwanted files and securely delete files, folders, and registry entries that you do not want others to access. Plus, it can protect your privacy.

4. Eraser Pro

Eraser Pro is a complete registry cleaner. It has various functions to clean your system in different aspects, including disk cleanup, Internet, and windows. It can update, remove, or fix unwanted programs easily.

5. Win7 Cleaner

Win7 Cleaner is an all-in-one software that uninstalls and cleans up Win7. Besides, this tool also offers a secure way to delete files and get rid of junk files such as temporary files.

6. CCleaner pro

CCleaner Pro is a complete registry cleaner and anti-malware software. It is able to clear browser cookies, cache, temporary files, system disk, and the whole registry cleanly. Additionally, it can easily remove Windows restore points, or get rid of inactive Windows.

7. WinPrivacy

WinPrivacy is a smart tool to

OracleToAccess 210322 Free Download

OracleToAccess is a lightweight, fast and effective Oracle to Access converter. It could be used to import or export Oracle DB’s into Access by reading and creating tables, views and queries, or from Access to Oracle DB’s. It is a command line program, created as Portable, has no installers or any fancy GUI to do things. You need to have installed Access 2000 or greater version on your PC before trying this tool. You can use it to convert Oracle to Access database file if your Oracle DB is on LAN and is either in OraDSN 9i/10g or 10g.A structural investigation of the basis for the ordered assembly of a self-assembled nanoscale dipolar-dipolar chain building block.
Linear dipolar-dipolar (DD) chain assemblies formed by multiple DD complexes can form ordered macroscopic arrays, which have potential applications in nanotechnologies. However, the assembly process of DD chain assemblies has not been well understood so far. In this work, the molecule formation and assembly process of a novel hexameric system, N,N,N’-trimethyl-N,N’-bis(trifluoromethylbenzyl)-1,6,7-tri(2-nitro-phenyl)-1,4,5-triazine-3,5-diamine (TNPTA) was investigated by absorption spectroscopy, electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy, and X-ray crystallography. The combination of these techniques reveals that the formation of the stable disordered hexameric TNPTA species (1(6)) and the formation of the disordered monomeric TNPTA chain (TNPTA-2) are both slow processes with a half-life on the order of hours. The structures of TNPTA-2 have been elucidated by X-ray crystallography. It is also found that the hexameric unit is able to adopt two different coordination patterns, i.e., different aggregation topologies based on the 1-D infinite planar helix and a second one with the 1-D helical units (1(6)) connected by the 6-D spacer of TNPTA by an EPR singlet state. Formation of the ordered dimer sheet is completed in a few minutes.Q:

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Cloud Databases is the only company that uses an innovative cloud database platform.
Cloud Databases is the only company that uses an innovative cloud database platform. Cloud Databases combines the power of cloud computing with easy-to-use, self-service Cloud Database hosting.
Cloud Databases combines the power of cloud computing with easy-to-use, self-service Cloud Database hosting. Cloud Databases seamlessly integrates all of the on-premise functionality into a web-based environment that can easily grow as your business grows.
Cloud Databases seamless integration with existing on-premise IT infrastructure. As your IT needs grow, cloud hosting is the answer to save time and money. Cloud Databases is a web-based database platform that is available and affordable today.
How it works:
No special knowledge is required. Our Web-based tool makes it as easy as clicking a button to install a new database. It is very easy to install a database for the first time, and we have a simple, non-scary interface to make sure that every user sees the control panel right away.
Even non-technical employees can install a new database in moments. It is effortless for them. All they need is a web browser.
We use the latest version of a very popular business suite to ensure fast, secure connection between our servers and your database.
Get Started, Instantly:
A free 30-day trial provides you all the features of our software. Our proactive customer support team will be happy to assist you with any problems that may arise.
Each hosting plan comes with a built-in task scheduler and scheduler to automate database maintenance tasks, in the background of your control panel. It’s easy to set up and it has no impact on your server resources.
Unlimited database schemas:
Make a free account, and you get unlimited database schemas.
Use as many database as you need:
Load and maintain databases and databases in different languages.
In an integrated environment:
Host multiple databases in one account and share them across platforms.
Customize your experience:
Configure the look and feel of your control panel to suit your needs. We can provide default skins and skins you can customize yourself.
Save time:
Create database scripts that can be used again and again.
Built-in scripts:
Use the built-in scripts that we provide, such as an SQL file builder and a database generator.
Cloud Databases Features:

What’s New In OracleToAccess?

Consider all possible options for your business and then make an informed choice.
We work with businesses of all sizes across a variety of industries and markets.
The variety of services we offer to our clients span a vast range._get_params($params);
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$params[‘file_name’] = $xml_body;
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//die(«xml save to :». $params[‘file_name’]);


* A converter function for all kind of XML conversion
* @param $params
* @param $sender
* @param $receiver
* @param $converter
* @return string
function convert( $params = array(), $sender = null, $receiver = null, $converter = NULL )
$params[‘file_name’] = $params[‘file_name’]. ‘-‘. date(«YmdHis»). ‘-‘. date(«YmdHis»). ‘.’. fileExtension( $params[‘file_name’] );

if (! is_null( $sender ) )
convert_params( $params, $sender, $receiver, $converter );

$ch = curl_init( «» );
curl_setopt( $ch, CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST,

System Requirements:

Note: There is a patch released on the following dates. In the patch notes, the release date of the patch is included.
July 1, 2018
Fixed an issue where, when using the PlayStation VR in Photo mode, the scene was scaled down by 4.
When using the PlayStation VR in the Home Screen, the camera angles are slightly different from before, and the icons are slightly smaller.
There is a small adjustment to the position of the button in the bottom left of the screen.
July 2, 2018

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