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Июнь 9, 2022
Июнь 9, 2022
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Merlin Gerin Ic2000p Pdf 31


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Let’s look at four locks that can be applied after you’ve obtained a lash-jumping gadget:
— Refueling. When this lock is activated, the gadget is disconnected from the communication state. Jumping, gadget automatically fills
density of the gas mixture. Used for overclocking charge and transfer energy
her to the passenger. Often used at the request of the player to immediately start the game, or to give
driver to get into the player’s body as quickly as possible.
The first 2 locks include battery and charge. This happens as a result of a short circuit between the battery and the charge, which is the converter.
When the battery is charged, the switch checks for a true charge and increases the charge to 99%. It applies only in case
active use of the game.
— «Start» allows you to stop the game as it interrupts the scrum rules quickly. At
this field is shown both in 3D graphics and as an «Ice» bandwidth indicating the correct track.
Another function includes an electric motor that remains on after a sudden stop because the motor mode has not been adjusted.
This is due to the fact that double propellers occur without additional rotation to increase
All locks can be switched: switch up — down.
Other functions: forward or reverse switches, discount



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