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HD Online Player (Train To Busan Telugu Hd Movie Downl)


HD Online Player (Train To Busan Telugu Hd Movie Downl)

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Towards the end, DeGeneres introduces the audience with, «Tonight’s show is going to be a little bit different, because I want to go on a date with a woman I have always liked, and I’ve always wanted to date her. It’s going to be no photos, no interviews. We will not speak to each other the entire time, but we will both have a good time. Because, this is a night when you guys go out on dates and share a romantic dinner. And I want to be there to share that with her.»

The celebrity presenter and panellist then takes her seat at a table covered in roses, candles, and other florals, with her date on her other side, sporting his own floral accoutrements.

As the couple stand, DeGeneres says: «I want to wish this date a happy first date — but I know you’ve had one, so it’s your second. But a first date is always a great first date.

«At least, for me. And for me, it’s always been a great first date, so I’m going to be the one to go first.»

Then, referring to her date, she adds: «I want to introduce you, not to each other, because I know this is awkward enough, but, to each other. You’re Lisa Bonet and you’re this man.»

The female celebrity comedian then asks the pair of them to hold hands, for a cappuccino date.

As the pair take their first few steps offstage, the comedian explains: «You guys are not together. That way, I can be clear about this. That way, I can tell everybody that he came here with me and you were his date.»

Then, the host asks them the two of them: «Could you introduce yourselves? I know you’re not really together,

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