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Июнь 22, 2022
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FSXDisk1iso !!TOP!! 🏳️



I use games on Virtual Box at the moment and I found some guides and methods.
Oct 2, 2014
You are better off buying a new virtual DVD-disk for your game. There are many websites where you can rent/buy them.
FSX-Disk|Payment|Online Renters

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In my opinion, the safest solution is to simply remove the damaged disk and use a new one. You can obtain a new disk from multiple websites but at least the one suggested here is safe and it is without fear of installing games by mistake.
Method 2:
You can install the game again with the ISO disk.

Download the desired ISO

How to Install Microsoft Flight Simulator X — Gold Edition from ISO
Microsoft Flight Simulator X ISO is an image file containing the installation files.

Open the ISO file and install the game.

So no errors, Windows will ask you where to install the game, make sure it is in the game folder.

Method 3:

Run the FSX Setup.exe and run the attached compression file and install the game.

Run the Zip file.

You will be asked to close the active program, make sure you close all games.

While the installation is running, close all open windows, open the old FSX CD1 and CD2. The disk is not overwritten by the program, it is used as an ISO for the installation.

Once the installation is done, the FSX CD1 is overwritten.

Make sure the install is going smooth, and you have not made any error.

I am using Windows 10, but the method is the same for all windows.


One easy way is to use windows7 virtual box, copy the disk files to virtual disk, and mount it to /media/disk, and copy the files to the new disk.

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Jan 22, 2020
3) Create a bootable USB stick with the ISO image or ISO file that you want to boot from (please use an appropriate software).
Once on a regular desktop computer, use an ISO burning program such as Windows ISO/Mac ISO Image Burner by Image Magick to create a bootable USB with the disc you want to boot from.

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