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As there are around 300 modules out there, it took me a long time to update them. I have revised them again, but I am not sure it is 100% complete. I have kept the same files name because they are in an active module directory which is not up to date with the tools (for now).
I have kept the same architecture and coding as before but have updated the dead-code which has been deleted by the tools.
I also updated the error-messages at the top and bottom of the screens since they were not correct. I have cleaned up the script-logging messages (they are not so useful to anyone, though). The writing of the scripts has also changed, due to a changed module directory architecture.
There are also 4 new menu-options and 2 new tool-options.
Did you notice?
Start «programs» directory with the following filenames in any order:
The main button «.net-install» is now «Crypt-Install»
If you uninstall the used plugins (crypt-install, sploit-all and security-all), they will be cleared as well. Otherwise they will remain. If you use sploit-all without crypt-install, the crypt-install may not be loaded.
You will find a new «keys» and «keys.cache» directory. Make sure you have these.
Last but not least, I have changed the c: drive into c:d. You must rename your files.

It has worked, but I noticed it takes a little more time to encrypt with the new keys.

Best regards,


Dec 30, 2020
FINAL Patch for GTAV v.1.12 from chailintoutpde (PatchForGtaV.PKG).
The original patch was made by yourself (chailintoutpde), and it is a good one. However, this one is more complete because it includes many updates.
This is why it takes some more time to install this patch.
There is also no risk involved.

There are an additional bonus files. It’s already installed, but you have to type them in your filemanager. They are:
patch.txt: a readme file telling you everything you have to know
gamewhite.zip: new gamewhite

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