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We’ve broken down the rules of dating in 2020, from how to pick the right bar to where to start opening up your heart. Want your first date to be memorable? Check out our quick tips below.

1. Make Sure You Have a Date Night!

When you’re not getting into the habit of doing that thing you love or having fun with the people who you enjoy, you’re probably not going to stay excited to be around your date. And if you’re on this date to look for a potential partner, chances are you’ll find that person more quickly. For a starting point, here are 50 cool date ideas that won’t break the bank, courtesy of lifestyle website Your Urban Adventure:

If you have kids, make sure you plan for a date that starts with some form of activity with them. For older kids, you could teach them about something they’re learning in school—or they could spend the night at a museum or movie theater so you can appreciate the art and history together. For younger children, consider an activity that either they’re doing on their own or with a friend that also has something to do with you. Take them to the park, the zoo, or a toy store.

For those with older kids, you could also plan something involving traveling or a weekend getaway with the kids. There are so many options.

2. A Romantic Date Doesn’t Need to Cost a Fortune

If you’re trying to meet someone who is on the same budget as you, you’ll have a hard time. But if you’re in a lower-budget bracket, these two things will make your night go a lot smoother. First, you should try an activity that’s free, especially if you have kids. Second, try activities that don’t cost too much if you’re traveling with your date. Inexpensive activities can help break the ice, and they encourage you and your partner to bond with each other.

If you’re looking for a more romantic atmosphere, opt for a wine or beer tasting where you and your date (or a friend) can wine or beer and discuss what you’re drinking. If you know the person you’re seeing, offer to buy the dinner. You’ll likely be able to find a great deal on that. Alternatively, if you’re the person looking for a date, offer to pay for dinner. The date you’re paying for is likely to be a lot more memorable and will help you form a better connection with
The Internet Does Bring Good Dates—But It Might Bring Bad Ones, Too

1. Be selective about which websites you use to connect with potential dates. That’s especially important if you’re new to online dating, because you won’t want to get burned by searching for someone who is literally a unicorn, much like the girl you sent your DMs to at a Cinco de Mayo party five years ago.

2. Online dating is great for expanding your network and getting practice speaking about yourself. However, be prepared for rejection. As the Swedish dating app Improvista recently noted, when you’re looking for a new love interest, it’s easy to get distracted. When your work email pings, and you’re on your way to a party that you’re obligated to attend, seeing a man you find attractive in person can be hard to ignore.

3. Most sites, including Craigslist, OkCupid, and Tinder, require you to remove your photo or move out of your kitchen. This is a great way to weed out creeps and catfish from your potential suitors.

4. Get to know the other people on your dating apps. You don’t have to go out to bars and clubs and bar-hop, but if you’re visiting the same city, there’s no harm in talking to a few people.

5. Like all dating apps, they’re great at helping you meet people. But remember that they also work just as well at letting you find people to be really awful to. They’re not always as effective at attracting a relationship as people think they are. And if you’re not quite ready to meet someone in person, a dating app can be an awfully good place to test your compatibility.

Talk a Little about Your Goals

6. Remember that online dating may not be for everyone. (I’m not even sure it’s for me.) I don’t think everyone has what it takes to give the initial message. Read up on the site to get a sense for their rules and algorithms. Many sites, like OkCupid, make it explicit how they match people: they use factors like age, location, religious and sexual preferences, and relationship status. These, and other factors, help determine where people end up on the site.

7. Focus on specific interests and aims as a few of the top questions. While I never obsess about telling my single friends what I don’t want, I like to talk about my goals as a potential partner

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