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There are lots of manga fans out there who might be looking for a reliable reader. If the product that would suit your needs is user-friendly and packing just a basic set of tools, then DomDomSoft Manga Reader is worth taking for a spin.
As its name makes it pretty clear, the program lets you view manga in a distraction-free user interface that was designed with ease of navigation in mind. Note that this principle applies to the setup process as well, which should be uneventful.
Manga reader boasting File Explorer integration
First of all, it need be mentioned that opening a manga file can be done either via a dedicated button in the GUI or by resorting to the context menu, with File Explorer integration being on the list of features.
Once you have done that, you can zoom in or out of the manga as well as browse through pages. Aside from that, the application’s toolbar displays the name of the chapter you are currently reading along with the total number of pages it includes.
In order to reduce eyestrain, the program lets you select the background color that best suits your needs, but you may want to know that your options are not that varied since only black and white are supported.
Helps you enjoy manga in a hassle-free environment
As the view mode, the software utility enables you to read one page at a time or scroll up or down and get a better look at the content. What’s more, a fullscreen mode can also be enabled in case you want to fully immerse and make sure no other distractions bother you.
All things considered, DomDomSoft Manga Reader is a lightweight application whose purpose is to let you enjoy your favorite manga. Sporting a rather modest set of tools, the program is easy to get accustomed to and should cater to the needs of users whose expectations are not too high.







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Lots of use cases for EXE, MSI and HQX files, DP support and what’s more — all this with multiple language support.

Extract files in EXE, MSI, and HQX files with the standard ZIP tool.

Processes all kinds of archives including ZIP, ARJ, NAB, 7-Zip, etc.

Supports DP formats.

Extract files from HQX, HRX and FHX files.

Converts all kinds of files and archives.

Adds DP support.

Supports multiple languages (C#, VB.NET, C++, Delphi, C++/CLI and C++/VCL).

Builds a standalone EXE file.

Supported operating systems: Windows Vista / 7, Windows 2000 / XP, Windows Vista / 7, Windows 8 / 10.




File Size

12.34 MB



Kind of files

MSI, EXE, HQX, etc.


Recover, extract and convert files from archives

DP support

Supports multiple languages: C#, VB.NET, C++, Delphi, C++/CLI and C++/VCL

Converts all kinds of files and archives

Adds DP support

Supports multiple languages

Supported operating systems: Windows Vista / 7, Windows 2000 / XP, Windows Vista / 7, Windows 8 / 10

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Review by Ritika Bhattacharjee (10/03/2017)

So, this is the simplest and most advantageous manga reader you have ever come across in your life. Its design is very simple, and so are its features too. Thus, why not try the software for yourself right away?
Some of the features that make this manga-viewing tool even more user-friendly are the Tasks tab, the interface for adding and removing chapters, and a convenient Clipboard feature.
All in all, DomDomSoft Manga Reader is a nice tool for the beginner, that is, if you are not too picky about features.

DomDomSoft Manga Reader Free Registration Code PC/Windows

View all content on your computer screen with ease, no matter if you are on your mobile, tablet, or a computer. This small yet powerful application lets you view manga without any distractions.
The application uses the same navigation bars as iOS and Android applications do and allows you to read entire chapters or search for a specific character, find the next chapter or change the current chapter.
This software makes it easy to open, read and even download manga. It has a manga player that supports nearly every format.
Zoom in and out, switch pages, and configure with a mouse. This application easily saves time as you go through your manga.
*Note: Only running on Windows version of the software. For more about the Manga Player, please refer to the Manga Player page.

Manga reader has a modern, simple user interface
Review zilla

November 13, 2017

visiting the site so far, its all right.

Manga reader, also known as Manga Player, is a tool that lets you read your favorite manga in a distraction-free environment. Its basic features include a list of chapters, buttons to switch pages, and a zoom control. Manga reader is compatible with all web browsers and should be relatively easy to set up and use. The entire setup process consists of about five clicks, and the app will only take a few seconds to launch.
Manga Reader Features
In addition to viewing and managing the app, you will also find the usual features that any PDF viewer would offer, such as zoom in and out, instant document searches, document to clipboard, and folder browsing.
It supports all popular web browsers, so you can view manga on your desktop or mobile phone.
Manga reader user interface has a clean look and is easy on the eyes. The app lets you view and manage titles and the chapters that make up the book. You can easily navigate the navigation bar and easily find your favorite manga chapters.
If you like to read manga on your computer, you will be pleased to know that the program can also save and print your favorite manga chapters.
A manga player that’s compatible with the majority of web browsers
Manga reader plays videos, music, and whatever else you can normally download from the web on your computer. It’s equipped with features that make it easy to browse through your documents on the web.
The app can browse folders and change its default settings, which enables you to launch the program in one of your favorite

DomDomSoft Manga Reader (LifeTime) Activation Code

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DomDomSoft Manga Reader Review:

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About the

What’s New in the?

The popular online manga reader is available with a few new features, such as the ability to view the site’s profile and profile search page from the app. Moreover, you can now adjust your search preferences and font settings from within the app.
Aftermarket Features
Here’s a rundown of the key improvements that took place after the application gained access to the site’s graphically enhanced profile search page and the ability to view Manga ODN’s user profile.

Both of these features are rather useful, and users will have to learn how to utilize them only in conjunction with the app’s notifications feature.
Profile Search Page

The app now includes a profile search page, allowing it to offer users more ways of finding their manga.
Let’s first take a closer look at the graphic similarities between the logo and the profile search page:

The site’s logo is now much more pleasing and readily recognizable. Furthermore, its informational icons seem to have been revised in light of the new direction taken by the site’s users.
Now that you know about the profile search page, you may want to know how to access it. After you’ve started the app, follow the on-screen instructions and press ‘Next’ or ‘Profile’ to launch the profile page.

Head over to the app’s dashboard and type in the corresponding search parameters. In case you can’t remember what information you added to your profile, you can always access the site’s website and make the changes.
Profile page search results

Users can now restrict their searches by selecting manga they’ve added to their cart or personal favorites and even select one from the drop-down menu. The font size can also be adjusted from a few points down to font sizes in the range of 1 point.
The last option is to change the site’s character set. This might be something that you don’t think about, but since many online readers don’t support alternative font, you may want to have it in mind.
How to Install The New Features
Install the latest version of the application by following the three steps outlined below.

Start the program from your desktop shortcut.

When prompted, enter the code found at the URL: “codeparty.manga.odn.com/” and press ‘Next’.



System Requirements For DomDomSoft Manga Reader:

OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP, or other operating system that has installed Steam.
Windows 7, Vista, XP, or other operating system that has installed Steam. Processor: 1GHz
1GHz RAM: 2 GB
2 GB Graphics: 2 GB
2 GB HD: 300 MB
300 MB Video: 1024×768
1024×768 DirectX: Version 9.0c
Version 9.0c Hard Drive Space: 3 GB
3 GB Internet Connection: 2 Mbps
2 Mbps Additional Notes


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