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Roblox is a company that is included on PEP (the PEP DAO is supposed to audit companies that sell digital games, and Roblox was not even notified that the PEP had decided to issue it with a PEP rating — while not necessarily indicative of unethical practices, it is bizarre to see a company that has never even been aware that it has been rated receive a PEP rating, and not be given any chance to rebut the claims). With the current development of Roblox, I feel that it has gone from being a company that has a story, to being a company that has no story and is basically a rampant MMO where children are sold to people who «rent» them out as «mods» for other games.
Yes, while the company does offer other things — but they are just facades. They are NOT a game nor a platform, and they are NOT independent from the platform’s game-making operations. They make no claim to being a tool that has been independently verified for quality and adherence to community norms. They are not currently worth any site that allows games, as one must actually play a game, and Roblox doesn’t support those games.
Why do I say this?
Because the inside-out criticisms of the company’s operations are spot on, and the arguments of «well, we don’t control the games» or «well, we don’t support them» are just magical thinking. After all, the platform has entire sections of «Builds» and «Builds 2». They are called Builds and Builds 2. Those sections are not left up to the discretion of the platform. They are firm and certain.
The company’s website does NOT even begin to address its important criteria:
Games must only be used for free-to-play, social, and solo gameplay for private use.
Games must be built using the Roblox Studio from a version released in the past 3 years and can be published to the public
Games must be published using the desktop version of Roblox Studio, and not any of the mobile versions
These limitations are stark and clear, and I’m interested in how anyone can argue that the games that appear on the platform shouldn’t be subject to these limitations.
These limitations are not subjective or arbitrary. They’re spelled out on the website — anywhere.
I’m also aware that the site does give a list of supported games — because even if the above limitations were ignored, the platform itself still contains


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