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In August 1985 Autodesk released AutoCAD LT, a simplified version of AutoCAD for the Apple II computer with a graphics display capability on a 16-color monitor. By 1987 Autodesk had released the second major release of AutoCAD, AutoCAD II, a 32-bit application with increased functionality. In 1990 Autodesk released AutoCAD for the Macintosh.

AutoCAD for the PC and Mac markets remained largely separate until 1994, when Autodesk combined the two platforms into the same product for the first time. The company released AutoCAD LT for the Mac in May 1995, and AutoCAD for the PC in September 1996. The first true port of AutoCAD to a PC-based platform was a 32-bit release in 2000, though with some proprietary code. In 2009 Autodesk released a 64-bit version of AutoCAD that was completely compatible with the 32-bit version. AutoCAD 2009 is the most current version.

While Autodesk refers to the product as AutoCAD, the term has several meanings. At a high level, the term refers to a «product of its class» and implies that it is a CAD system. At a more detailed level, a «product of its class» could be an architectural CAD program, a mechanical CAD program, or something in between. The term «AutoCAD» is also used for Autodesk’s 3D modeling programs such as AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD Map 3D.


AutoCAD history

AutoCAD was originally developed by a team led by Harold Propst and managed by a team led by Leppla. John Burwinkel was a consultant on the AutoCAD team and is considered one of the co-founders of AutoCAD. The company’s first office was in Sacramento, California, and the first version was released in December 1982.

In May 1995 Autodesk launched the AutoCAD LT version for the Apple II. This was the first version of AutoCAD that ran on a non-x86 platform. This was also the first version of AutoCAD for which Autodesk was the main seller.

AutoCAD was ported to the Macintosh platform in 1995, and later to Windows. AutoCAD was first released on the Windows platform in September 1996. Autodesk did not make any improvements to the original AutoCAD functionality to support Windows at the time

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On October 10, 2007, a company called ancora was formed to develop a direct XML integration with AutoCAD. This allows the exchange of information between applications and AutoCAD without requiring a data conversion.

Graphical user interface (GUI)

AutoCAD LT has the design tool, which allows users to create a 3D-like ribbon and layouts, and automate functions. It is integrated with Autodesk’s Maya program, but is not bundled with AutoCAD LT, as it is included in AutoCAD Professional and AutoCAD LT is free for home users. The DesignCenter allows users to create two types of drawing layouts: ribbon and rectangle. Ribbon layouts allow the user to access functions in one place (such as DocumentProperties or Windows) and are best suited for user-defined commands. The rectangle layouts are more general and can be used for many drawings, such as letterheads or table of contents.

AutoCAD LT’s latest version is 5.0.0. There are three options for users of AutoCAD LT: Free LT, which allows the free distribution of AutoCAD LT applications, Professional LT, which is AutoCAD LT with AutoCAD LT 2019 or later, and Enterprise LT which is AutoCAD LT with AutoCAD LT Enterprise (2019 or later).

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
Included with AutoCAD since Autodesk Design Review 2002, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a scripting language that runs under Microsoft Excel to perform macros and automate AutoCAD drawing functions. VBA is now included with AutoCAD’s newest product, AutoCAD 2019, which is free to home users. It was not included with earlier versions of AutoCAD.

VBA was developed by Dr. Charles Simonson at the Autodesk Research Labs in the late 1980s, and was integrated into AutoCAD during Autodesk’s Design Review 2001. VBA allows users to automate almost any task in AutoCAD. It can also read and write files in the native AutoCAD format (DWF) and Excel’s native format (XLSX). Because AutoCAD is usually run as a Windows application, it can also take advantage of Microsoft’s platform-independent programming standards.

Two versions of AutoCAD are made available for use with VBA: AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD. The LT version of AutoCAD is not always the cheapest version

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Open Autocad.
Open the Drawing Manager and open the DesignCenter.
Open the Drawing ModelManager.
Open the Drawing ModelManager with the project you wish to create.
Right click on the model you wish to create and select «Save As.»
Select the Save to folder you wish to save the project to.

If you wish to save the project to your desktop, save it to the folder Desktop.
If you wish to save the project to your D:\ drive, save it to the folder D:\ (this may be required for 64-bit computers).
If you wish to save the project to your C:\ drive, save it to the folder C:\ (this may be required for 64-bit computers).
Click Save.

When the Save dialog is open, click OK to save the project.

Please note that while.DWG files can be opened with other CAD software, they are often not designed to be opened with other CAD software and will often not open successfully.


Create a text file on your computer and name it something like autocad.bat. If you have a more recent version of Autocad, the file may be in a different location. Then enter in the following:
autocad.exe /AutoCAD_Version=Autocad 2010 /NoLoad /Warn /Conic /XScaleR=2000 /YScaleR=2000 /XResolution=500 /YResolution=500 /FrameRate=0 /ViewportZoom=0 /WindowZoom=0 /LayerScale=1 /Fit=NONE

If you are running on a version older than Autocad 2012, the following syntax will work:
autocad.exe /xls /xlsx /dwg /oxps /x360 /dxf /xg /dgn /snc /vf /noautoclose /v /v /v /nolayout /dxg /xmz /bom /wf

You can then double-click autocad.bat to open the CAD program.
For previous versions of AutoCAD, use this instead:
autocad.exe /NoLoad /Warn /Conic /XScaleR=2000 /YScaleR=2000 /XResolution=500 /YResolution=500 /FrameRate=0 /ViewportZoom=0 /WindowZoom

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Import a single comment or entire drawing as a new editable drawing object in the same view. Easily view and manage the changes you made in earlier stages of the design process.

Printing and Collaboration:

Import PDF and JPG images for onscreen or on paper printing. Create transparent PDFs that retain the precise visual appearance of your design. Export DGN, DXF, and DWG files, directly to your printer or to the cloud for mobile printing.

Streamline paper and digital archiving with a new PDF Export function that preserves shape information, text, and other content.

Collaborate over PDFs, e-mail, or the cloud. Share a single version of the file with multiple people or teams for final approval.


Present any CAD file in any view with the new Sync Override tool. Use new multi-object snapping to easily place everything you need into a layout. Use the new snap tool to quickly position and connect components.

Unlock the full power of CAD design with new rapid command shortcuts. Edit existing layers and blocks at the command line, or change the entire CAD model without having to open a new drawing file.

CAD file sharing is more convenient than ever with shared viewports, on-screen links, and smart file linking. Instantly see and annotate changes in the shared version.

New drawing enhancements include:

Multi-block design: A shared set of components can be used to construct multiple designs at once. Edit any block, and the changes are immediately updated in the other designs. Add graphics, dimensions, and text to blocks, and the changes are automatically shared in other designs.

Shape definition styles and save sets: Definition styles and save sets allow you to apply the same visual appearance and dimensions to multiple blocks, components, or drawings. You can also easily share style and save sets with other users.

Link and view commands: These new commands allow you to work with links between drawings and new dynamic views. You can preview, annotate, and edit the linked drawings at any time.

Export and collaborate:

Save and publish your designs as PDF files. Export DWG, DXF, and DGN files, and quickly share them with coworkers or the cloud.

When you export a shared DWG file to PDF, you get a rich selection of file properties including layers, blocks, and comments. Share the file with anyone, and make

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows 7/8/10
Intel Core i3 Processor
Windows DirectX 9.0 Compatible Video Card
1 GHz Processor Speed
5% Or Less Impact on Game Performance
System Requirements:
Windows 7, 8, 10
4 GB
800 MB
Hard Disk:
64 MB
Sound Card:

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