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Etymology of AutoCAD

AutoCAD’s name is pronounced AH-toe-kad or A-to-kad. The name AutoCAD was created by a marketing team for use as a unique product name and branding strategy. It is a portmanteau of Auto CAD and CAD.


AutoCAD is a commercial, graphically oriented, integrated, desktop drafting, layout, and drawing program. AutoCAD can be used in two modes: The Graphical User Interface (GUI), similar to Microsoft Windows or OS X, and the command-line interface (CLI), similar to Linux, BSD or other Unix-like operating systems.

The software package includes a variety of functions and features that are suitable for architectural and engineering design, mechanical design, product design, and construction. It is capable of generating such a wide range of output types as DXF, DWG, and MDB file formats. In addition, it has a variety of drawing components, such as: primitives (e.g., lines, arcs, circles, polygons, splines, text, arrowheads, polygons, and solids), symbols (e.g., dimensions, geometric text, blocks, and images), dimensions, and advanced drawing tools (e.g., profiles and views, Gantt chart, floor plans, elevations, sections, and construction drawings).

In 2010, Autodesk introduced a completely new version of AutoCAD, dubbed AutoCAD LT 2010. This version of AutoCAD was developed to provide compatibility with both desktop and mobile platforms.


AutoCAD was originally developed as a proprietary desktop program. It was first released as an application for the Xerox Alto computer in 1982. It was originally only available for the Xerox Alto. The first version of AutoCAD was the first commercial desktop CAD software. The name AutoCAD was derived from Autocad and CAD.

AutoCAD’s emphasis has been on architecture, engineering, and product design. Autodesk has used AutoCAD’s user interface and drawing components to create or import CAD data from a variety of file formats, including DWG and DXF. AutoCAD has been available on many different platforms, including the Apple Macintosh, Windows, and Linux operating systems, as well as for the Apple iPad, iPhone, and Android operating systems.

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ObjectARX is mainly used in e.g. AutoCAD Architectural and AutoCAD Civil 3D to provide an extensible infrastructure for customizing AutoCAD.

ObjectARX can be used as a base for other tools: the VBA base and the Visual LISP base can be used as a base to create other tools and tools can be created for ObjectARX.

ObjectARX contains the following modules:


A Group object is an extended object with some special properties. This object is not directly manipulable by the drawing commands, instead it is assigned to a drawing unit and is manipulated by drawing commands within the unit. You can create multiple groups by selecting ‘Add Group’ from the drop-down list ‘Drawing Unit’ when you create a new drawing. There is also a drawing option to hide the drawing units (which are displayed as a vertical bar) so that the groups are not visible, or to show the groups as such.

The properties of a group can be set in the ‘Group Properties’ dialog.

Group properties include:

Group name — provides a text string that is displayed in the ‘Name’ property of the drawing units and in the object properties.

Is visible — determines if the group is visible.

Group class — determines the group class. This determines the properties of the drawing unit.

Group type — determines the group type. This determines how the group is displayed in the drawing.

Access rights — the permissions that the user that owns the group has on the group. This can be read only or read/write.

Compute group variables — the group variables can be evaluated during the active process in the same way as other drawing variables.

Other properties

Extended object properties.


Group class:

AutoCAD-Based Objects

This section lists all the AutoCAD-based objects.


AutoCAD is aware of all the objects in the current drawing and all objects in any part of the current drawing. For an explanation of the current object selection, see Object Selection.

When you call commands such as , , , or , AutoCAD asks if you want to navigate to the next object. You can ask for the list of objects in the drawing, and you can choose the objects to navigate to.

AutoCAD Crack

Open Autodesk Autocad and wait until the activation complete.
Open Autodesk Autocad and wait until the activation complete.
Click on the Ribbon button (the icon with a curved arrow next to it).
Click on the «RADIUS» icon (the icon with a circular arrow pointing up) to open the drawing properties.
Click on the «TRIANGULATION» button to activate the TRIANGULATION option.
Click on the «USER-DEFINED» button to activate the USER-DEFINED option.
Click on the «EXPORT» button to export the current design.
Click on the «JAVA» button to export the current design to Java application.

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Autodesk Autocad Geometry Visualization

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Rational number without an implementation of rational numbers

I know that rational numbers are those that can be expressed as a ratio of integers. What are the other (or all) rational numbers that have no implementation of rational numbers in the computer, but, in practice, are used to express a rational number?
I understand that there are simple systems of rational numbers like the decimal system, but do these systems provide a way to express other rational numbers that do not correspond to an integer number?
I understand that the systems of rational numbers do not represent the set of all possible rational numbers, but does it contain any useful approximations of all possible rational numbers?


The best known example of this kind is the continued fractions, where the partial quotients are any real numbers, not only integers.


This is an example of a non-integer that is also rational:
$$\sqrt{1} = \sqrt{\frac{1}{2}}=\sqrt{\frac{2}{2}} =\sqrt{\frac{4}{4}} = \ldots = \sqrt{1}$$


If you mean ‘rational’ in the general sense of ‘non-integer’, there are many examples. Most obviously, $\frac{3}{7}$ is irrational, but so is $\sqrt{2}$. If you include the reals as rationals, you get more examples, as one can

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Include feedback as revisions to your design drawings. Send your revisions to multiple users in real time to incorporate feedback and changes in real time, without additional steps or exports.

Import PDF or image-based files from Adobe Acrobat into your AutoCAD drawings. Easily create plans and bills of materials by importing PDFs.

Export and import to/from PDF:

Exporting a drawing as PDF files makes it easy to share or distribute your AutoCAD file.

Importing a PDF to your drawing lets you use the original source data, no matter what format it was in.

PDF import:

Automatic default settings make it easy to connect to the data source and import.

Your edits are captured automatically and are displayed as real-time changes.

Additional features

Speech Recognition

Make AutoCAD even easier to use with speech recognition. Keyboard commands are now mapped to available spoken words to allow for more natural workflows.

Reviewable Textboxes

Now you can review and edit multiple, selected text boxes.

Revision History

Select one or more drawing layers to view all changes made to a drawing in the Revisions History.

Cross-Docking in the 3D Warehouse

View 3D parts in the 3D Warehouse in an intuitive, cross-docking fashion, and add to your drawing by dragging-and-dropping them to your AutoCAD drawing.

View drawing information in the cross-docking view. You can view the name, status, cost, and availability of a part, plus more.

3D Warehouse support for AutoCAD line drawings. (For Autodesk Official 3D Warehouse support, see Autodesk Help.)

3D Warehouse for AutoCAD DWG support.

Symbol/part libraries

Save time and enable better results. Save time and create more accurate drawings by importing data into your drawing. Using symbol and part libraries, AutoCAD can now create drawings from images, so you can visualize your design in your own drawings.

Maintaining a Part Library

Create parts for your drawings without having to recreate them. Start drawing a new part in your drawing and select it in the library to add it to your drawing. You can also import and edit parts in your drawing as normal.

Importing a part from a library to a drawing helps you prepare

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Stable Internet Connection
Internet Explorer 7
2GB of RAM
2GB of Available Hard Disk Space
Microsoft Silverlight is required to play the game. This can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft website. If you don’t already have Microsoft Silverlight installed, you will need to do so.
Upcoming Updates:
These are currently being worked on:
Team Member:
Ravi Kumar
Completely Free-to-Play (No IAP)
Single Player

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