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The AutoCAD line of products is split into five categories:

AutoCAD 2D—For creating two-dimensional drawing objects such as plans, sections, and drawings.

AutoCAD LT—For creating two-dimensional drawing objects in a simpler interface than in AutoCAD.

AutoCAD Architecture—For creating three-dimensional objects.

AutoCAD Mechanical—For creating mechanical engineering drawings and technical designs.

AutoCAD Civil 3D—For creating three-dimensional objects in the context of civil, structural, and geotechnical design.

This article does not cover these other AutoCAD categories. For information on those categories, see the Autodesk website.

AutoCAD is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The software can be purchased and downloaded for various platforms from Autodesk or third-party resellers.

AutoCAD is available in a basic, Standard, or Professional edition. The software can be licensed and purchased with a perpetual license, with a per-seat license for on-premise installations, or as a cloud service (Azure, Amazon Web Services, or Google Cloud Platform).


AutoCAD’s history

AutoCAD was first developed by AutoDesk, which was founded in 1971. When Autodesk’s predecessor, AutoDesk, began developing AutoCAD, it was intended to be the first CAD (Computer-Aided Design) product for microcomputers. This meant that it would be the only CAD program available, with the rest of the industry being focused on mainframe computers.

The first version of AutoCAD was the AutoCAD System Release 3, released on December 15, 1982. In order to view the drawing files, AutoCAD utilized the Hewlett-Packard HP-300 graphics display terminal. This was considered one of the first desktop computing applications.

AutoCAD Release 2

AutoCAD Release 2 was the first release of AutoCAD not to be developed by Autodesk. Instead, it was developed by the CAD Division at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). This version of AutoCAD had a few additional features including a function to create block annotations that were stored in memory. This was a feature that took an average of thirty seconds to perform.

By the end of 1983, Digital Equipment Corporation was already beginning to feel the effects of the recession. The decision was

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Autodesk Exchange Apps for AutoCAD are third-party applications that allow users to download and install AutoCAD add-ons on their PC for use in AutoCAD.

Data exchange format

A drawing created in AutoCAD is saved in the data exchange format (DXF), an ASCII-based data format that has a very similar syntax to PostScript. As with PostScript, an AutoCAD DXF file can be used as a template to create many other drawings. A single DXF file may be used to generate many drawings.

A DXF file consists of a top level section and an object block. The top level section (DLX) is used to contain the drawing specification, including dimensioning, text, blocks and more. The object block (DSO) contains all of the geometric information for the objects in the drawing. Within the DSO, there are three types of information (comments, dimensions, and drawings) that may be specified in a drawing. Comments are specifications of the drawing to help with understanding and use of the file. Dimensions are specifications of the drawing to help with alignments. Drawings contain the geometry of objects and supports the insertion of text, lines, polygons, circles, dimensions, dimension annotations, and so on.

AutoCAD DXF files can be created and edited by using the DXF Edit application. There are also many third-party products available to automate and simplify the DXF creation process, such as the DXF Writer.

A drawing in AutoCAD consists of layers, which are planes in the drawing where geometric elements are visible or hidden. Layers can be moved, sized, and erased. In the raster display, layers are shown as tiled boxes. In a vector display, layers are organized as a collection of entities.

Layers have three states, not present, present and hidden. An element is present in a layer when the drawing loads or when the element is visible in the drawing. The present state of a layer is not locked, so other users or applications can modify the layer. The present state of a layer is similar to the Visible state in AutoCAD, although not all parts of the drawing are displayed. In the Hidden state, the element is not visible in the current layer but it can still be modified. In the Hidden state, other users or applications can edit or modify the layer. The Hidden state of a layer is similar to the Hidden state

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Using Oracle error level in SQL Developer with external database

I have SQL Developer installed. I am using external database (C:\Oracle\product\11.2.0\db_1\NETWORK\ADMIN).
I am using two schemas, with the default «default» schema set as the external database (the same as in ORA_HOME). When I run a script, it will not error on user-defined exceptions, but it does on database-defined exceptions.
How do I get SQL Developer to display errors on database-defined exceptions?


You need to enable such behaviour, not for the whole database, but for just the schema (or a set of schemas) in which you wish to use SQL Developer. This is found under Tools/Options/Database/SQL Developer/Database Errors
To do this, follow the instructions from Setting up Oracle SQL Developer Connection to set up a database connection, but when you reach the step about registering an administrator with the password, add an additional line
-s false

to the last part of the command to complete the instructions for enabling database errors.


SQL Developer doesn’t have any way to get errors for errors from the database. You need to use the Oracle Management Console to enable these kind of errors.


I’m using MySQL and got the same question, then I figure out that I also need to set the external database as Data source for the user in SQL Developer. After that, you could see the error message and the right column on the results pane.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

A new Import and Examine menu allows you to import a series of images in a single operation. (video: 2:27 min.)

Easily incorporate data and text from web pages and PDFs into your drawings. (video: 1:19 min.)

Use a new Markup Assistant to improve the appearance of your drawings. Use the Markup Assistant to add shapes, text and symbols to your drawings in the simplest way possible. (video: 2:07 min.)

The Markup Assistant was originally designed for 2D drawings only. It can now be used for drawings in 3D, as well. (video: 2:07 min.)

Ease of use has also been improved in Markup Assistant by the addition of the «Grab & Mark» feature. (video: 1:19 min.)

Radical AutoCAD:

New setting options allow you to change the line style of dynamic objects such as splines and meshes. You can now choose between four line styles in addition to the default line style.

New setting options allow you to make several changes at once to the appearance of certain lines (such as rendering). A new two-click line preview function (available for 2D and 3D drawings) shows your line in real-time as you make changes.

Arrowheads can be used to modify the direction of your lines. You can now specify the arrowhead shape and color. The angle of the arrowhead can also be changed.

If a line is broken, you can no longer delete it. If you want to delete the line, you can modify it.

You can now make a text box transparent and select the text color or the background color.

You can now specify whether your text should be kerned.

You can now customize how text appears by selecting whether it is single-weighted or double-weighted.

You can now customize the appearance of the line colors and the fonts you use for text.

You can use the «Point and click to insert a point» feature to quickly add points in your drawings.

The system setting to allow the «Point and click to insert a point» feature to be disabled has been removed.

The grid system has been improved. It now uses the screen’s geometry, so its appearance does not depend on the position or size of your

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Intel Mac OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor
Core i3 or later, 64-bit processor
5 GB free hard disk space
Graphics card capable of DirectX 11
Recommended Graphics Card: Intel HD 4000 or later
Other requirements:
DirectX 11
Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 SP1
Additional Notes:
A note on the achievements in the game:
There are achievements that are locked for the sole purpose of

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