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Visual C++ Macro code to generate INSERT INTO and SELECT FROM queries

I’m creating a database class in Visual C++. I need to create a function to generate INSERT INTO and SELECT FROM queries. These queries would then be executed later in the code.
I have no clue where to start. I’m fairly new to programming.


It’s typical for databases to provide operations for creating statements. This is commonly done with a naming scheme like ODBC. For example, in MySQL, you’d have an executable statement like this:
INSERT INTO «mydatabase».»mytab» («mycolumn») VALUES («myvalue»)

This statement would set the contents of the «mycolumn» column on record with the primary key of «mytab» to the value «myvalue».
I’m not sure what your exact goal is here, but generally, I’d recommend asking yourself «do I really need a database library at this level, and if not, what sort of result am I looking for?» If you don’t need to work with statements in an object-oriented manner, you may want to use an XML file or a text file for writing to.

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To compare the efficacy of a telephone- and video-based intervention for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) risk-reduction strategies among injection drug users (IDUs) and to determine whether the techniques are more effective for a subgroup of drug users. Randomized, parallel-group, 2-year trial. L.A. County, N.Y. Six hundred six participants were recruited from local needle exchange or treatment programs and assigned to an intervention or control group. Telephone and/or video-based intervention that incorporated more than 1 HIV risk-reduction strategy. Engagement in 3 or more HIV risk-reduction strategies during the next 6 months. Sixty-eight of 85% of participants in the control group were engaged in HIV risk-reduction strategies after 6 months; 32 of 38% of participants in the intervention group were engaged in HIV risk-reduction strategies. After 12 months, only 23.8% of the intervention group was engaged in at least 3 HIV

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